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[hɑːmˈɒnɪk], [hɑːmˈɒnɪk], [h_ɑː_m_ˈɒ_n_ɪ_k]

Synonyms for Harmonic:

harmonious (adjective)

agreeable, consonant, euphonious, harmonious, mellifluous, melodious.

Other synonyms and related words:

Large-hearted, accord, accordance, accordant, according, acoustic, acoustics, agreement, amicable, appealing, assonant, assonantal, atonal, attuned, audio frequency, benevolent, blended, blending, bluesy, catchy, charitable, chiming, classical, compatible, concord, concordant, conformable, conformity, congenial, congruent, congruous, consistent, consonance, constancy, correspondence, degree, dip, disposed toward, dulcet, enharmonic, eurythmic, first harmonic, flageolet tone, flat, fling, fluctuant, fluctuating, fluctuational, frequency, friendly, fundamental, fundamental frequency, fundamental tone, gentle, harmonic tone, harmonica, harmonical, harmonically, harmonics, harmoniously, harmonised, harmonized, harmonizing, harmony, homophonic, in accord, in chorus, in concert, in concord, in harmony, in keeping, in sync, in tune, in unison, intonation, kind, kindly, libratory, likable, likeable, lurch, mellifluent, mellow, melodic, melodiously, merciful, monodic, monophonic, monotone, monotony, music, musical, musically, nice, nutational, off-key, openhearted, orchestral, order, oscillating, oscillatory, overtone, partial, partial tone, peace, peaceful, pendular, pendulous, periodic, phonetics, pitch, pizzicato, pleasing, pop, progressive, pure tone, quality, regularity, resonant, rhythmic, rhythmical, rich, sad, slant, slope, slow, smooth, sonorous, sung, sweet-sounding, sympathetic, sympathy, symphonic, symphonious, synchronized, synchronous, tilt, timber, timbre, tonal, tone, tonelessness, toss, tuned, tuneful, tunefully, unisonant, unisonous, unplugged, vacillating, vacillatory, vibratile, vibrating, vibratory, vocal, wavering.

Rhymes for Harmonic:

  1. pharaonic, hydroponic, philharmonic, monophonic, platonic, histrionic, supersonic, isotonic, ironic, ultrasonic, symphonic, tectonic, synchronic, mnemonic, plutonic, hypertonic, polyphonic, laconic, pneumonic, sardonic;
  2. conic, tonic, sonic, chronic;
  3. ionic, hedonic, demonic;
  4. diatonic, embryonic, electronic, catatonic;

Quotes for Harmonic:

  1. I realized by using the high notes of the chords as a melodic line, and by the right harmonic progression, I could play what I heard inside me. That's when I was born. Charlie Parker.
  2. My voice is my improvisational instrument, the melody instrument. The guitar is harmonic structure. I'm not a good enough guitarist to improvise on it. Paul Simon.
  3. Duke Ellington was famous for hs very original harmonic patterns. Lawrence Welk.