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[hˈi͡ə], [hˈi‍ə], [h_ˈiə]

Synonyms for Here:

Other synonyms and related words:

Hera, This, aboard, about, absence, absenteeism, across, actual, afield, after, ahead, all, all over, along, alternately, among us, anywhere, apart, appear, arise, around, arrive, arrived, as of now, as things are, at hand, at home, at present, at that place, at this juncture, at this moment, at this place, at this point, at this time, attain, attend, attendance, attendant, attending, audit, availability, available, away, become, befall, before, behave, below, beyond, board, bodily, but now, by, come, come near, comply, comprehend, condescend, contemporary, convey, cope, current, cut away, deduce, descend, elsewhere, enroll, enrollment, entrance, even now, everyplace, everywhere, existing, extant, extensively, fall, far, far and wide, for the nonce, for this occasion, frequently, from here, further, get, go, great, hair, heir, her, here and now, here and there, here are, here is, here you are, hereabout, hereabouts, hereat, herein, hereinto, hereto, hereunto, herewith, heritor, hers, hic et nunc, high and low, him, hit, hither, hitherto, hitherward, hitherwards, homeroom response, if so, immediate, in, in attendance, in loco, in our time, in place, in these days, in this, in this case, in this direction, in this place, in this space, in this vicinity, in this world, indoors, inheritor, inside, instant, inwards, it, just here, just now, last, life, location, male servant, mall map word, middleman, modern, near, nearby, now, nowadays, off, on, on board, on deck, on earth, on hand, on this spot, on-the-spot, originate, over here, over there, passim, presence, present, present-day, reach, repeatedly, servant, sometime, somewhere about, that way, theirs, them, themselves, then, there, thereabouts, they, this day, this night, this place, this side, this way, till, to this place, today, tonight, under the sun, universally, until, up-to-date, valence, valencies, valency, wall-to-wall, when, whenever, whereabouts, wherever, widely, with us, within reach, year, yet.

Rhymes for Here:

  1. leer, deer, shear, gear, deere, meir, steer, cheer, year, pier, clear, jeer, near, rear, smear, dear, veer, sneer, lear, fear, speer, mere, peer, sear, hear, ear, sere, tear, sphere, blear, beer, spear, sheer;
  2. frontier, revere, sincere, amir, premiere, premier, appear, austere, severe, veneer, career, emir, rehear, adhere, zaire, unclear, cashier;
  3. domineer, chandelier, pioneer, mutineer, financier, reappear, interfere, cavalier, chevalier, souvenir, commandeer, gondolier, overhear, brigadier, auctioneer, insincere, volunteer, belvedere, disappear, bandolier, persevere, engineer;

Quotes for Here:

  1. Our educational system is appallingly poor right now. Yet, somehow we're turning out some of the most intellectual and powerful sophisticated minds in the world. I think that's because we still have the opportunity here Malcolm Wallop.

Idioms of Here:

  1. ( We) don't see you much around here anymore.;