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[hˈa͡ɪ], [hˈa‍ɪ], [h_ˈaɪ]

Synonyms for High:

high (adjective)

atmospheric, lofty, tall.

size (adjective)

amplitudinous, big, broad, bulky, chunky, corpulent, dimensional, expansive, extensive, great, large, long, magnificent, measurable, portly, sizable, voluminous, wide.

Other synonyms and related words:

afflicted, august, balmy, boiled, canned, charged up, chief, close, cockeyed, cockeyed drunk, corned, costly, crocked, crocko, cut, dear, disguised, distinguished, elevated, eminent, exalted, exorbitant, expensive, fancy, fried, gilded, glowing, grand, handsome, heeled, high as a kite, high school, high up, high-flown, high-pitched, high-reaching, high-sounding, high-tasted, high-toned, highfalutin, highfaluting, illuminated, intermediate, jingled, lit up, loaded, low, lubricated, lush, lushy, majestic, neutral, noble, of rank, oiled, on high, organized, pickled, pie-eyed, plastered, polluted, potted, primed, princely, prominent, raddled, rank, reverse, screwed, sewed up, sharp, shellacked, shrill, soaked, soused, sprung, squiffy, steep, stinko, strong, sublime, supernal, swacked, tanked, tight, tipsy, towering, undue, unwarranted.

Rhymes for High:

  1. fly, buy, pry, ai, sigh, eye, die, guy, dry, sky, mei, shy, nigh, dye, hi, aye, vie, rye, try, ay, frye, bligh, tai, cry, spy, lxi, by, spry, bi, psi, kwai, wy, thai, thigh, sty, wry, lie, pie, ply, sly, vi, bye, why, pi, fry, tie;
  2. deny, bye-bye, rely, goodbye, imply, hi-fi, nearby, hereby, brunei, belie, supply, defy, good-bye, decry, standby, ally, comply, reply, awry, shanghai, retry, descry, untie, apply;
  3. overfly, misapply;
  4. oversupply;

Quotes for High:

  1. I was grateful to have two weeks to shoot this one scene in Harry Potter. It's a big, big scene, but they have to deliver. And they have high expectations. Ralph Fiennes.
  2. The essential elements of giving are power and love- activity and affection- and the consciousness of the race testifies that in the high and appropriate exercise of these is a blessedness greater than any other. Mark Hopkins.
  3. Greatness is not manifested by unlimited pragmatism, which places such a high premium on the end justifying any means and any methods. Margaret Chase Smith.

Idioms of High:

  1. ( lord) high muckamuck;
  2. flying high
  3. in high dudgeon;