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[hˈə͡ʊn], [hˈə‍ʊn], [h_ˈəʊ_n]

Synonyms for Hone:

sharpen (verb)

edge, sharpen.

Other synonyms and related words:

Sharpening stone, ache, acuminate, affliction, ameliorate, amend, be sharp, bespeak, bright, brush up, coach, complain about, complain of, complaint, concentrate, consummate, courtly, covet, cultured, deepen, desire, develop, difficulty, drill, edged, edging, elegant, emery, enhance, exercise, file, finish, focus, genteel, glossy, graceful, grievance, grind, grinder, grinding, grindstone, gripe about, hanker, heighten, honing, improve, indicate, intensify, lissome, lithe, lithesome, long, lustrous, make acute, make sharp, make sharper, mill, millstone, mutter against, novaculite, oilstone, optimise, optimize, pant, perfect, pine, point, polish one's skills, polished, practice, purified, put a point on, put an edge on, railing, raise, rave against, razor strop, refine, refined, rehearse, repoint, robed, round off, set, sharp, sharpener, shiny, show, sleek, slick, smooth, spur, steel, steer, strap, strop, stylish, subtilize, taper, to sharpen, to whet, train, urbane, want, whet, whetstone, wish, work on, yearn.

Rhymes for Hone:

  1. cone, stone, cohn, moan, known, drone, loan, grown, lone, crone, shone, mon, own, shown, thrown, prone, bone, scone, rhone, clone, zone, tone, sewn, groan, phone, roan, blown, sown, throne;
  2. trombone, homegrown, atone, hipbone, condone, unknown, bemoan, alone, malone, intone, disown, cologne, dethrone, postpone, cyclone, capone;
  3. overblown, unbeknown, calderon, bourguignon, overthrown, overgrown;

Quotes for Hone:

  1. A fellow who has a funny bone can learn to hone his skills, but I don't think you can develop a funny bone- you either have it or you don't. And by the way- when you get it, we don't know it. Carl Reiner.
  2. Just give me a good role that allows me to hone my craft, and I am a pretty happy camper. Jimmy Smits.
  3. Throughout the years I have tried to hone my skills to gain mastery over the music in my head. Kip Winger.

Idioms of Hone:

  1. hone for sm or sth;