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[hˈʌm], [hˈʌm], [h_ˈʌ_m]

Synonyms for Hum:

rumble (noun)

beat, buzz, chant, chatter, clatter, drone, drum, grumble, racket, rattle, reverberation, roll, rumble, throb, thrum, thunder.

rumble (verb)


Other synonyms and related words:

Al Faran, Burr, HUA, Harkat ul-Ansar, Harkat ul-Mujahedeen, Harkat-ul-Mujahidin, Movement of Holy Warriors, abound, absurd story, abundant, accompany, active, activity, ahem, animated, anthem, arrange, array, articulation, athletic, atmospherics, babble, babel, back, background noise, background sound, bait the hook, balance, balbucinate, balbutiate, balk, ballad, bamboozle, bank, baton, battle of life, be active, be afraid, be irresolute, beguile, bel canto, birdies, birr, blast, blind a trail, blooping, blurping, boggle, boil, boil vigorously, bombilate, bombilation, bombinate, bombination, boom, booming, bounce, bravura, brawny, break one's neck, breathe, bum, bumble, bustle, bustling, busyness, buz, buzzing, cajole, canard, carol, carpe diem, catch, catena, catenation, chain, chain reaction, chaining, chaser-balancer, chirp, chirr, chirrup, choir, choral singing, chorus, churr, claptrap, clunk, coloratura, come over, commotion, compromise, concatenation, connection, consecution, continue the same, continuum, coquet with, course, crackle, crawl, croon, crooning, cycle, dacker, dally with, dawdle, debate, deceive, decoy, delude, demur, descant, descent, dictum ac factum, dillydally, dissemble, distortion, divert, do-re-mi, drag along, drag on, droning, dupe, dynamic, early, endless belt, endless round, energetic, enmesh, ensnare, entangle, entrap, escamoter, fable, fabrication, fairy tale, fake, false story, falter, feedback, fetor, fiction, file, filiation, flatter, flurry, flutter, fluttering, fly low, flywheel effect, foam, foetor, folk singing, footfall, forceful, forcible, forelay, frenzy, gabble, gammon, gamut, gild the pill, go halfway, gradation, great doings, groan, growl, grunt, grunting, halt, hammer, hang in suspense, haw, haystack hill, healthy, hearsay, hearty, hectic, hem, hem and haw, hesitate, hint, hissing, hoax, hocus, hook in, hover, howling, hum and haw, hum bars, hum on audio, humbug, humming, hustle, hustle and bustle, hymn, illaqueate, imagination, immesh, inactivity, influence, intonate, intonation, intone, intrap, inveigle, invention, jape, keep in suspense, kidnap, knock, lay a trap, lay about one, let in, lilt, lime, line, lineage, lively, low rumbling, low sound, lure, lusty, lyricism, madhouse, make a compromise, make game, make things hum, make things pleasant, make up for lost time, mammer, maybe, mephitis, miasma, mighty, minstrel, moan, monotone, motorboating, move briskly, movement, mumble, mumbling, murmur, murmuration, murmuring, muscular, nexus, nick, no sinecure, nousel, nousle, nursery tale, odour, operate, operatic singing, opportunity, pause, peak, pendulum, perhaps, periodicity, persist, pigeon, pipe, pitch, plenty to do, plenum, plot thickens, pong, powder train, press of business, presumably, prevail, profuse, progression, psalm, pulsate, pur, purr, purring, push, quaver, queue, range, rank, recurrence, reek, remain neuter, reportedly, resonance, resonate, resound, reticulation, rhythm, ring, roar, romance, rotation, roulade, round, routine, row, rumbling, rumor, run, run through, run well, rustle, s tale, scale, scat, scat singing, scramble, scratches, scratching, seethe, sell, sequence, serenade, series, set a trap, shake, shanghai, shave, shredding, sing, sing in chorus, sing low, sing without words, singe, singing, singing softly, single file, smack, smell, smell badly, sniggle, sol-fa, sol-fa exercise, solfeggio, solmizate, solmization, song, sough, sound, sounds, spectrum, spirited, spread the toils, springe, squeal, squeals, stammer, static, stench, step lively, stink, stir, stout, strenuous, string, strum, stuff up, stumble, sturdy, stutter, succession, suggestion, susurration, susurrus, swath, teeming, think twice about, thread, thrumming, thud, tick, tier, tinkling, to buzz, tonic sol-fa, tough, train, trapan, traveler, tread, tremolo, trepan, trick, trifle with, trill, trip up, troll, trounce, trumped up statement, trumped up story, tweedle, tweedledee, twit, twitter, undercurrent, undertone, unpleasant smell, untrue story, vibrate, vibration, victimize, vigorous, vocal music, vocalise, vocalization, vocalize, warble, warbling, waver, waylay, whine, whir, whirr, whirring, whisper, whispering, whistle, whistles, white noise, whiz, whizz, whizzing, windrow, woomping, wow, wowwows, yodel, yodeling, zoom.

Rhymes for Hum:

  1. gum, chum, mum, glum, numb, bum, slum, drum, crumb, thumb, some, sum, strum, from, plum, come, rum, dumb, plumb, scum;
  2. succumb, become, alum;

Quotes for Hum:

  1. With my personal preparation at the piano, I can afford to hum at half voice. Placido Domingo.
  2. I get like a melody that comes up and I try to write it down or record it. Hum it into a tape recorder or write it down on some manuscript paper. It could happen at any time, on the road or off the road, but mostly, you know, at home. Paul Taylor.
  3. I heard stories from my mother's mother who was an American Indian. She was spiritual, although she did not go to church, but she had the hum She used to tell me stories of the rivers. Tina Turner.

Idioms of Hum:

  1. hum with activity;
  2. hem and haw, at hum and haw;
  3. hum and haw;