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[ˈɪn], [ˈɪn], [ˈɪ_n]

Synonyms for In:

Other synonyms and related words:

-clad, A, AK, AR, AZ, Amid, Among, CA, Cm, DEF, For, From, Ft, Here, Hoosier State, Indiana, Popularized, This, Toward, Whilst, ab intra, ablaze, aboard, about, accepted, access, accessible, acclaimed, accompany, according to, according to custom, according to routine, according to use, ace, acquaintance, across, acting, adhere, adit, adopt, advanced, advancing, advantage, afloat, after, against, ahead, al, ala, alas, all, all the go, all the rage, all through, alley, along, amazed, amidst, angered, anglo, anglophone, annoyed, apart, appertain, apply, approach, approved, area, ariz, ark, around, arr, articulate, as for, as regards, as to, astonished, astounded, at, at home, at the, at which time, at your house, atomic number 49, attending, attired, available, away, back home, baffled, barometer, basis, be pleased, bearing, because of, bedazzled, before, befuddled, belong, below, bemused, ben, beneath, bespectacled, between, bewildered, beyond, big, bilingual, bleached, board, bold, bookable, booking, bore, bowled over, brand-new, brash, break, briefly, bright, broken, bus, by, by means of, by-election, camp, campaign, candy-striped, catch, celebrated, centimeter, centimetre, chad, chatty, check, checked, checkerboard, checkered, chequered, chic, chichi, chintzy, chronological, circuitous, circumscribe, clad, classy, clay, clean, climate, climatic, clothed, cold, color-coded, colored, column inch, comprise, concisely, conformable, confused, connection, contact, contemporary, continue, conversational, cool, corseted, course, crisp, crisscross, cross dressing, crowd-pleasing, cubit, current, currently fashionable, curve, customary, cut, dapper, dappled, dark, dashing, daze, dazzled, debonair, declamatory, delight in, derive pleasure, designer, detest, diffuse, direct, discontinue, discursive, disenfranchise, disoriented, disturb, dizzy, domestic, down, downtown, drag, dramatic, dressed in, drip, drop in, during, ebb, economical, eddy, elect, election, electioneering, elegant, empierce, enclosed, encode, enjoy, ensue, ensuing, enter, entree, etc, even, exasperated, exclusive, fad, faddish, faddy, famous, fashionable, favored, favorite, favoured, favourite, fidelity, flabbergasted, floored, flow, fluency, fluent, flush, flustered, fly, follow, following, foot, for sake of, forward, fresh, friend, futuristic, genteel, gloat over, groovy, halfway, happening, harvest, hate, hearty, heft, hep, here in, het up, hip, home, homewards, hot, huff, hypermodern, ideal, impact, in doors, in fashion, in favor, in order to, in style, in the, in the act of, in the house, in the interior, in vogue, in with, inch, inclose, incoming, indium, indoor, indoors, indulge in, influence, ingate, ingress, inlet, inly, inner, ins, inside, inside of, intake, intelligent network, interior, intermit, internal, internally, interrupt, intimate, into, involve, inward, inwardly, inwards, irritated, it, juice, just out, landlocked, large, last, last word, late, latest, latest thing, length, leverage, liaison, like, liked, link, love, luxuriate in, m, maelstrom, make a hole, manner, means, means of access, meanwhile, meteorology, meter, method, midst, midway, mod, mode, modern, modernistic, modish, mystified, nascent, natty, near, neonatal, neoteric, new, new-born, new-fangled, new-fashioned, new-fledged, newfangled, next to, nonplussed, nouveau, now, obtrude, of, of the, of yesterday, on, on account of, on top of, oncoming, onto, opposite, out, out of, over, overcome, overpowered, owing to, pace, participant, peeved, perplexed, pertain, pertaining to, petulant, physical pleasure, piqued, pop, pop in, popular, posh, potted, present, press, prevailing, procedure, provoked, pull, pursue, put in, puzzled, rage, rakish, ram in, receive pleasure, recherche, red hot, rejoice in, relish, renovated, renowned, rep, repertory, restrain, seasonal, sempervirent, sempervirid, sharp, shocked, since, smart, snappy, sometime, sought-after, space age, spell, staggered, staging, stand-in, startled, state of the art, stick in, stinko, stir, stock, stop, strength, stuff in, stunned, stupefied, style, stylish, subsequent, subsequently, succeeding, successful, succinctly, suction, supercool, surprised, surrounded by, surrounding, swank, swanky, swell, swish, system, tactic, take pleasure, take to, technique, temperate, testy, theater, theatrical, then, there in, through, throughout, thrust in, tip, tip-off, tony, trendsetting, trendy, trig, tuck in, turned on, under, unfamiliar, until, unto, up, up to, up-to-date, up-to-the-minute, upcoming, upon, upscale, usual, vernal, versus, vexed, via, vogue, voguish, walled, wash, way, way in, weather, weight, welcoming, well-liked, well-received, when, whenever, where in, while, whip in, with, with regard to, with-it, within, within doors, withinside, word, wreathe, yard, your house, your place, zone.

Rhymes for In:

  1. none, gwynn, kin, dun, twin, skin, fin, gin, chin, min, nun, tonne, bun, pin, one, done, stun, din, spin, bin, runt, lin, quin, ton, win, shin, tin, grin, inn, fun, hun, run, won, thin, un, yin, shun, son, sun, sin, when, donne, spun, gun, pun;
  2. chagrin, berlin, akin, begin, rerun, outrun, within, therein, begun, undone, has-been, outdone;
  3. violin, overdone, menuhin;

Quotes for In:

  1. Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought. Pope John Paul II.

Idioms of In:

  1. transcribe sth in sth;