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in a fog

53 synonyms found

Synonyms for In a fog:

Other synonyms and related words:

Beclouded, abstruse, addled, addlepated, adrift, at sea, befuddled, bewildered, blind, buried, close, clouded, clouded over, cloudy, concealed, confused, covert, disorientated, disoriented, fogged, foggy, fuddled, hazy, hidden, in a cloud, in a haze, in a mist, incommunicado, insecure, latent, lost, mazed, misty, muddled, muddleheaded, muzzy, mysterious, obscure, obscured, occult, off the beam, out of it, recondite, secluded, secret, sequestered, uncertain, under wraps, undercover, underground, unknown, unsure, wrapped in clouds.