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[ˌɪnspəɹˈe͡ɪʃən], [ˌɪnspəɹˈe‍ɪʃən], [ˌɪ_n_s_p_ə_ɹ_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n]

Synonyms for Inspiration:

biblical revelation (noun)

apocalypse, apotheosis, apparition, appearance, coming, disclosure, discovery, emergence, epiphany, evidence, gospel, issuance, manifestation, materialization, oracle, prophecy, revealment, revelation, vision.

cause (noun)

action, basis, cause, compulsion, compunction, determinant, drive, effectuation, elicitation, enforcement, evocation, execution, factor, force, generation, grounds, mainspring, motivator, motive, origination, provocation, root, source, stimulus.

deity (noun)

Almighty, Christ, God, Holy Ghost, Jehovah, Jesu, Jesus, Jesus Christ, King of Kings, King of the Jews, Lamb of God, Lord, Messiah, Prince of Peace, Providence, Savior, Son of God, Son of Man, Trinity, absolute, all-powerful, creator, deity, demigod, dieu, divinity, goddess, godhead, hero, heroine, idol, infinite, judge, maker, muse, omnipotence, omniscience, redeemer, salvation.

idea (noun)

brainstorm, concept, conception, consideration, design, idea, ideation, image, inkling, notion, observation, opinion, perception, plan, principle, reflection, supposition, theory, thought.

reception (noun)

absorption, admission, assimilation, engorgement, ingestion, inhalation, osmosis, reception, suction.

Other synonyms and related words:

Be, Elatedness, abetting, adoption, advance, advancement, advice, advocacy, affection, afflation, afflatus, agitation, aiding, air current, ambition, animating, animating spirit, animation, animus, anticipation, apercu, apgenius, approach, aptitude, ardor, ardour, arousal, artificial respiration, artistic imagination, aspiration, assisting, assurance, asthmatic wheeze, attitude, attractability, attractiveness, automatic response, awakening, backing, beacon, beatification, beaut, bent, blind impulse, bonanza, boost, boosting, brain wave, brainchild, brainwave, bread of life, breath, breath of air, breathe, breathe in, breathing, breathing in, bright idea, bright thought, brightness, brilliance, brilliancy, brilliant idea, broken wind, buddhi, buoying up, calling, calling forth, calliope, cheering, cheering up, clairvoyance, classic, consolation, consumption, conversion, cough, creative imagination, creative power, creative thought, creativity, criterion, crosscurrent, cultivation, current, current of air, daemon, daimonion, deep sense, deep think, demon, desire, developing, development, devotion, dictate, direct apprehension, direct communication, divine afflatus, divine guidance, divine inspiration, divine revelation, downdraft, draft, draught, draughtsman, draughty, dream, dynamite, eagerness, earnestness, ebullience, ecstasy, education, effuse, elan, elation, elevation, emboldening, emit, emotion, encouragement, endurance, energy, enlightenment, enlivenment, enravishment, enthusiasm, enticement, entrancement, esemplastic imagination, esemplastic power, euphoria, exaltation, example, excitation of feeling, excite, excitement, exemplar, exhalation, exhilaration, exhortation, exhorting, exist, experience, expiration, exposure, exsufflation, extravagance, fade, fall wind, fanaticism, fancy, fascination, feeling, fervency, fervor, find, fire, fire of genius, firing, flash, fleeting impulse, flight, flow of air, following wind, fomentation, fostering, fountain, frenzy, furtherance, galvanism, gasp, geist, genius, germ, get-up-and-go, gift, go, goad, goal, godsend, gold, good, good idea, grace, grind, ground, guide, guiding light, guiding star, gulp, gusto, gut response, hack, happen, happy, head wind, heartening, helicon, help, helping, hiccup, high pressure, hint, humdinger, hunch, ideal, illumination, imagination, imaginativeness, immediate cognition, immersion, impetus, impressibility, impression, impromptu, improvement, improving, improvisation, impulse, impulsion, incentive, incitation, incitement, inciting, inclination, indraft, indraught, inducement, infection, inflammation, inflation, inflatus, inflow, influence, infusion, ingenuity, inhalant, inhalator, inhalement, inlet, innervation, inrush, insight, inspirations, inspire, inspiring, inspiriting, inspiritment, instance, instigation, instinct, insufflation, intake, intelligence, intensity, intention, intoxication, intuition, intuitionism, intuitive reason, intuitiveness, intuitivism, invention, inventiveness, involuntary impulse, iron lung, jetstream, jewel, justification, katabatic wind, knowledge without thought, lie, lift, light aspect, light assembly, light in color, light in colour, light signal, lobbyism, lodestar, love, mania, marvel, masterpiece, matter, mental excitement, mind's eye, miracle, model, momentum, monsoon, motivation, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, movement of air, moving spirit, must-have, mystical experience, mysticism, mythicization, mythification, mythopoeia, natural impulse, nervousness, nurturing, occur, origin, originality, oxygen mask, oxygen tent, pant, pass, passion, pat on the back, pathos, peach, pearl, persuasibility, persuasibleness, persuasion, persuasiveness, perturbation, phenomenon, piquance, piquancy, poesy, poetic genius, poetic imagination, poetry, precognition, press, pressure, proclivity, prodding, promoting, promotion, prompting, provenience, puff, push, quantum leap, quick hunch, quicken, rapture, reason, reassurance, reassuring, reflex, regeneration, religion, remain, request, respiration, response, rhapsody, rootstock, rumble, sake, sanctification, sanction, sanctioning, satori, score, scuba, second-sightedness, sensation, shaping imagination, sharpen, showstopper, sigh, signal light, sixth sense, smasher, sneeze, sniff, sniffle, snore, snoring, snuff, snuffle, softness, solicitation, soul, spark, sparkle, spirit, spring, spur, spurring, spurt, standard, sternutation, stertor, stimulate, stimulating, stimulation, stir, stirring, stream, stream of air, strengthening, stunner, suasion, subconscious knowledge, subconscious perception, subjugation, sucking, sudden thought, sufferance, suffering, sufflation, suggestion, support, supportance, supporting, susceptibility, suscitation, suspiration, sympathy, tail wind, talent, tantalization, temptation, tension, terpsichore, theopathy, theophania, theophany, theopneustia, theopneusty, thoroughbred, thrill, thrust, tolerance, traffic light, transport, ulterior motive, unction, undercurrent, unmediated perception, updraft, uplift, uptake, urge, urging, vehemence, verve, vigor, vigour, vitality, vocation, warmth, wheeze, whet, whim, wind, wizardry, wonder, zeal, zest, zip.

Rhymes for Inspiration:

  1. fabrication, vilification, annotation, democratization, evaporation, destabilization, emancipation, infatuation, disputation, amplification, implication, donation, inauguration, gratification, incarceration, bifurcation, vaporization, disintegration, evacuation, saturation, arbitration, substantiation, profanation, respiration, miscreation, constipation, disorganization, reforestation, dehumanization, incoordination, communization, malformation, confirmation, proclamation, inundation, declaration, criminalization, indentation, appreciation, equitation, installation, irrigation, maximization, perpetuation, lubrication, rotation, publication, evocation, delegation, examination, reexamination, discrimination, expectation, liquidation, formation, categorization, mummification, palpitation, argumentation, vaccination, justification, pagination, culmination, mitigation, animation, segmentation, magnification, generation, dramatization, desalinization, fumigation, confiscation, intimidation, simplification, relaxation, orchestration, repudiation, recitation, correlation, delineation, calibration, reunification, legalization, permutation, colonization, misinterpretation, exclamation, punctuation, indication, resuscitation, exaggeration, discontinuation, menstruation, ordination, combination, alteration, desalination, liberation, resignation, fixation, ventilation, decentralization, inhabitation, socialization, dilatation, dissociation, overvaluation, tabulation, experimentation, exacerbation, elongation, devaluation, designation, nullification, self-congratulation, admiration, harmonization, edification, aviation, consideration, affirmation, immunization, instrumentation, granulation, recantation, amelioration, emigration, agitation, toleration, corporation, croatian, illumination, deliberation, consecration, figuration, sophistication, dehydration, conversation, premeditation, vacillation, corroboration, glorification, differentiation, deformation, reformation, dissertation, quotation, revelation, unification, conflagration, ornamentation, intimation, provocation, glaciation, inoculation, demonization, dislocation, compilation, decontamination, manifestation, litigation, consolidation, strangulation, deviation, continuation, gyration, notation, trepidation, negotiation, congratulation, vacation, authorization, disembarkation, pasteurization, disorientation, perspiration, graduation, evaluation, oxidation, divination, conjugation, inflammation, tribulation, localization, recommendation, calculation, reaffirmation, remuneration, commendation, miscalculation, approximation, monopolization, oscillation, defamation, classification, instigation, coloration, infestation, assassination, detonation, conglomeration, consternation, allocation, visualization, emanation, obligation, facilitation, conciliation, fascination, renovation, fertilization, location, negation, inactivation, vocation, maturation, jubilation, aspiration, demobilization, affectation, confrontation, imagination, automation, registration, coagulation, implantation, sedimentation, deification, emulation, repatriation, appellation, contamination, subordination, operation, communication, codification, documentation, education, desolation, mutation, equalization, initiation, miniaturization, triangulation, integration, regulation, rehabilitation, perforation, incarnation, domestication, imputation, reputation, segregation, duration, representation, liberalization, gravitation, congregation, levitation, elimination, authentication, sanitation, characterization, personification, urbanization, solicitation, deregulation, renunciation, specification, overpopulation, confederation, fluctuation, reincarnation, reorganization, cohabitation, preoccupation, machination, misappropriation, improvisation, certification, fluoridation, implementation, refutation, commercialization, habitation, privation, exploration, incrimination, salvation, medication, germination, exhortation, usurpation, confabulation, nonproliferation, ostentation, transplantation, stipulation, impregnation, distillation, population, estimation, demonstration, narration, meditation, plantation, summation, decoration, masturbation, adjudication, inclination, inflation, stabilization, relation, assimilation, exasperation, degradation, legislation, collectivization, relocation, foliation, indemnification, simulation, invocation, misapplication, echolocation, suffocation, valuation, gradation, insulation, ionization, flotation, indignation, intonation, diversification, illustration, connotation, variation, foundation, innovation, libration, modernization, electrification, preparation, temptation, corp, vibration, incapacitation, demoralization, cremation, impersonation, occupation, formulation, enumeration, presentation, origination, desegregation, reiteration, sensation, revitalization, explanation, prostration, pollination, fragmentation, cooperation, radiation, mediation, expiration, irritation, agglomeration, duplication, pacification, magnetization, eradication, regeneration, adaptation, interpretation, recreation, sanctification, anticipation, deportation, consummation, organization, privatization, exhilaration, violation, deforestation, orientation, annexation, transformation, denunciation, titillation, purification, elaboration, separation, modulation, amalgamation, vegetation, incrustation, determination, stalinization, protestation, mobilization, ovation, transportation, demarcation, utilization, extermination, allegation, starvation, discoloration, flirtation, isolation, aggravation, procrastination, dissipation, dilation, reconsideration, pigmentation, ejaculation, amputation, application, annihilation, hospitalization, moderation, marginalization, ratification, embarkation, specialization, refrigeration, globalization, alleviation, neutralization, derivation, irradiation, affiliation, realization, invitation, altercation, restoration, ovulation, intoxication, organisation, information, frustration, reallocation, condemnation, motivation, dissemination, naturalization, elevation, incubation, clarification, insubordination, imitation, equivocation, navigation, association, reconciliation, exoneration, identification, ossification, precipitation, contemplation, disinflation, inhalation, ministration, approbation, humiliation, limitation, concatenation, rectification, oration, civilization, vulgarization, destination, molestation, deprivation, disinclination, incorporation, capitulation, expropriation, rejuvenation, retaliation, qualification, augmentation, stimulation, appropriation, manipulation, sedation, falsification, expatriation, victimization, collaboration, fortification, obfuscation, alienation, multiplication, elation, excommunication, propagation, condensation, validation, desiccation, complication, speculation, undervaluation, hallucination, hesitation, revocation, generalization, cogitation, denomination, remediation, reservation, participation, infiltration, dictation, invalidation, reinvigoration, hybridization, industrialization, reverberation, escalation, dispensation, decapitation, coronation, retardation, rumination, conservation, consolation, concentration, cancellation, damnation, visitation, sterilization, unionization, desecration, degeneration, predestination, exhalation, deflation, insinuation, hibernation, procreation, sequestration, interrogation, importation, depreciation, articulation, exploitation, celebration, perturbation, reclamation, depredation, verification, revaluation, prognostication, modification, amortization, taxation, creation, federation, configuration, desperation, stagnation, ramification, deceleration, dedication, constellation, nomination, popularization, normalization, subsidization, exhumation, situation, westernization, translation, exfoliation, notification, polarization, nationalization, rationalization, compensation, adulation, denationalization, avocation, coordination, dalmatian, consultation, vindication, proliferation, investigation, gestation, recuperation, incantation, convocation, fermentation, commemoration, lactation, mechanization, devastation, computation, observation, quantification, excavation, domination, accumulation, excitation, immigration, centralization, termination, optimization, cultivation, adoration, reparation, preservation, standardization, replication, misrepresentation, pronunciation;
  2. station, ration, nation;
  3. castration, cetacean, causation, alsatian, carnation, cessation, citation;
  4. abrogation, activation, aberration, abdication, accusation, acclimation;
  5. acceleration, abbreviation, accommodation, accreditation, abomination;
  6. capitalization, alphabetization;
  7. demilitarization, decriminalization, americanization;
  8. internationalization;

Quotes for Inspiration:

  1. The Christian churches were offered two things: the spirit of Jesus and the idiotic morality of Paul, and they rejected the higher inspiration Following Paul, we have turned the goodness of love into a fiend and degraded the crowning impulse of our being into a capital sin. Frank Harris.
  2. I look at the dancers and I get the inspiration for the work from them. Graeme Murphy.
  3. Another inspiration that has helped me get through has been Lance Armstrong's story. My cancer is not nearly as bad as his, but I believe in staying motivated and keeping as fit as you can. Grete Waitz.

Idioms of Inspiration:

  1. Genius is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration.;