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[kˈiː], [kˈiː], [k_ˈiː]

Synonyms for Key:

focal (adjective)

asymptotic, central, convergent, core, essential, focal, nuclear.

indication (noun)

alert, badge, banner, beacon, brand, crest, cue, denotation, designation, emblem, figuration, flag, gesticulation, gesture, guidepost, hint, icon, indication, insignia, label, legend, lighthouse, logo, logotype, marker, motion, notation, pointer, prompt, semaphore, sign, signal, signpost, stamp, symbol, tag, ticket, token, wave, wink.

island (noun)

archipelago, atoll, cay, holm, island, isle, islet, reef.

Other synonyms and related words:

Florida key, Hear, Homologate, Kingmaker, Passe Partout, VIP, aboriginal, above water, access, accommodate, accord, account, achromatism, acknowledge, adapt, adjust, adjust to, admission, advert, advertise, advice, aerophone, ait, all-consuming, alpha, amplification, anchor, answer, appoint, assimilate, at anchor, attain, attract, attune, axial, backbone, backspace, bad influence, bang, bar, barricade, base, basic, basics, basis, batten, batten down, be in charge, beck, bell, bellows, big wheel, bilingual text, blade, blueprint, blusher, bolt, bother about, bottle opener, brass, break, bridge, bring out, bring up, burden, button, button up, byplay, call, can opener, capital, capture, car thieves tool, cardinal, cast, catalogue, catchword, causa causans, cavendo tutus, cement, centermost, centralized, centric, centroidal, centrosymmetric, chance on, chance upon, chief, chirology, choke, choke off, chopper, chromatism, chromism, church key, cipher, cite, clap, clarification, classical pitch, clavis, clef, clew, climacteric, clockwork winder, close, close up, closed-circuit telegraphy, clue, coactive, code, coding scheme, cohibitive, color, color balance, color harmony, color scheme, coloration, coloring, colouration, colouring, combination, come across, come upon, complexion, compulsory, concentrated, consideration, constitute, constitutive, constrained, constrict, contain, continental island, contract, control, control lever, coordinate, coral head, coral island, coral reef, corkscrew, cornerstone, cotter, court, cover, crack, crack open, crib, crib notes, critic, critical, crown brick, crucial, crux, cue word, cupola brick, cut to, dactylology, dactylonomy, decipher, deciphering, decipherment, decisive, declare, decoding, decorator color, defended, definition, delineate, demand, depict, depth, describe, description, detect, determinant, diagnose, differentiate, directory, discern, disclose, discover, discovery, disentangle, distinguish, divulge, doing time, dominant, double reed, double-click, drag-and-drop, draw, drumstick, dumb show, duplex telegraphy, earmark, effective, electricity, elemental, elementary, elucidate, elucidation, embouchure, eminence grise, enter, enucleate, epoch-making, equalize, escort, essence, establishment, eternal, evidence, explanation, explanatory note, explication, expose, facsimile telegraph, faithful translation, fall upon, fasten, figuring out, find, find a clue, find out, find unexpectedly, finding out, first, fit, five-percenter, fix, fold, fold up, force, foremost, formula, francis scott key, free translation, freemasonry, frequency, friend at court, fulcrum, functional, fundamental, furnish, gat, gate, gateway, gear to, geocentric, get a line, get wind, get word, give away, glance, gloss, glossary, good influence, grand, gray eminence, guide, guideline, haft, hammer, handle, happen upon, harmonise, harmonize, headstone, heavyweight, heft, height, helm, hidden hand, high pitch, highest, hilt, hinge, historic, homologize, horn, hot, hot lead, hover, hue, humor, humour, identify, impart, important, imprisoned, in chains, in charge, in custody, in durance vile, in limbo, in prison, in quod, in safety, in security, in swaddling clothes, index, indicator, indispensable, ineluctable, inescapable, influence, influence peddler, influencer, information, ingroup, inkling, input, insertion spanner, insularity, interfere in, interlinear, interlinear translation, interpret, interpretation, interrupter, intimation, intrinsic, island group, islandology, jammed in, key fruit, key out, key signature, key to, keye, keynote, keys, keystone, kg, kilo, kilogram, knocker, latch, latchkey, latchstring, lead, leading, learn, leer, let on, let out, level, lever, life-and-death, life-or-death, light upon, linchpin, line, lip, list, listing, literal translation, lobby, lobbyist, lock, lock out, lock up, loose translation, lords of creation, low pitch, lynchpin, main, major, major key, major league, make, make fun of, make out, make plumb, make uniform, man of influence, mandatory, manipulator, mark, master key, material, means, means of access, means of restraint, measure, mediant, mention, mere, metaphrase, middle, middlemost, midmost, minor, momentous, monumental, mood, most important, mouthpiece, multiplex telegraphy, mute, name, name individually, natural color, necessary, necessity, new philharmonic pitch, news ticker, nexus, nod, nominate, note, nuance, nub, nucleus, nudge, number one, numeric code, obligatory, observe, obsession, occlude, oceanic island, of, of import, omphalic, on parole, on sure ground, open sesame, open the lock, opener, operative, orient to, out of danger, overmastering, overriding, padlock, paint, pallor, panoplied, pantomime, paramount, paraphrase, pass, passkey, passport, password, pay attention to, pedal, pedal point, philharmonic pitch, philosophical pitch, piano lever, pick out, pipe, pitch, pivot, pivotal, place, plumb, pony, pre-eminent, predominant, premier, prerequisite, pressure group, primaeval, primal, primary, prime, primeval, primordial, principal, prisoner, prize, profound, prominent, proportion, protected, provide, proximate cause, push button, put in, put in tune, quadruplex telegraphy, quay, railroad telegraphy, read, real, receiver, recognise, recognize, reconcile, rectify, redition, reed, refer, register, regulate, reins, religion, rendering, rendition, reply, requisite, resolve, restatement, restrained, reveal, revelation, rewording, right, root, rouge, route, rudimentary, sacred, sacrosanct, safe, safe box opener, safe-conduct, samara, sandbank, sandbar, scent, screw, screwdriver, scroll, seal, seal off, seal up, seals, secern, secret, secure, sender, serious, set, set right, shade, shaft, shank, shrug, shut, shut the door, shut up, signalise, signet, significant, similarize, simplex telegraphy, sine qua non, single-current telegraphy, sinister influence, skeleton, skeleton key, skin color, slam, slide, snap, solution, solve, solving, sound, sounder, special, special interests, special-interest group, spell out, spoor, squeeze shut, standard pitch, staple, stellar, stock ticker, stop, strain, strangle, strategic, strike, strong adhesion, stuff, style, subdominant, submarine telegraphy, submediant, substantial, subtonic, suggestion, supertonic, supply, supreme, sure, surgical, suspicion, symbol table, symptom, sync, synchronize, table of contents, table of symbols, tactical, tailor, take care of, talisman, telegraphics, telegraphy, teleprinter, teletype, teletypewriter, teletypewriting, telex, tell, tell apart, telling, telltale, tender spot, tenor, the meaning, thesaurus, ticker, tiller, timbre, tin opener, tinct, tincture, tinge, tint, tip, tip-off, tombstone, tonality, tone, tonic, tonic key, tooter, top, touch, trace, transcription, translation, transliteration, transmitter, treadle, treasure, trigger, trim to, trot, true, true up, tun, tune, tune up, tuple identifier, turning point, turnscrew, typotelegraph, typotelegraphy, umbilical, unavoidable, under cover, under hatches, under restraint, undercolor, underlying, unharmed, unlock, unmolested, unravel, unravelling, unriddle, unscathed, unthreatened, unwrap, valve, vandalise, vandalize, vein, veritas odium parit, verite sans peur, very important person, vestige, vital, wedge, wedged in, weighty, wheeler dealer, whiff, wind, wind instrument, winder, wire service, wire-puller, woodwind music instrument, working out, world-shaking, wrench, zip up, zipper.

Rhymes for Key:

  1. internee, indri, deportee, he, detainee, tea, ne, vendee, sep, ski, gutsy, zee, bee, ip, tv, nominee, lsd, licensee, se, tennessee, zea, fee, marquis, lessee, v, undersea, guarantee, ee, trustee, emcee, re, lxi, bourgeoisie, mc, mt, appointee, rb, kea, referee, esprit, lp, mit, cd, retiree, draftee, enlistee, yi, yangtze, pea, de, guaranty, tee, li, flee, devotee, me, atp, whoopee, fop, nestle, plea, ranee, jubilee, decree, z, c, brie, glee, trainee, g, banshee, oversea, si, id, klee, lee, marquee, sea, te, cod, mi, degree, rupee, potpourri, t, xi, see, lea, foresee, be, chablis, ti, nee, ab, tree, p, spree, three, debris, disagree, flea, cc, gee, b, inductee, leigh, yippee, vi, parolee, free, d, wee, knee, honoree, ddt, curie;
  2. albee, agree, ac;
  3. addressee;
  4. interviewee;

Quotes for Key:

  1. The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best. Epictetus.
  2. If you feel you have the right key you try to make some phrase or sound that will fit. Jan Garbarek.
  3. If love is the treasure, laughter is the key Yakov Smirnoff.

Idioms of Key:

  1. key sm up;
  2. church key
  3. hold the key