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[lˈiːʒən], [lˈiːʒən], [l_ˈiː_ʒ_ə_n]


blemish (noun)

abrasion, blemish, blister, blot, blotch, brand, check, chip, crack, damage, defacement, defect, deformity, discoloration, disfigurement, distortion, dot, drawback, eyesore, fault, flaw, fleck, fracture, freckle, gash, hack, hole, hurt, imperfection, impurity, kink, mar, mark, nick, notch, pockmark, rift, scab, scar, score, scrape, scratch, scuff, slit, sore, speck, splotch, spoilage, spot, stain, stigma, tarnish, wart, weal.

Rhymes for Lesion:

  1. cohesion, artesian;
  2. indonesian;

Quotes for Lesion:

  1. lesion is in area of brain that is responsible for motor function, so I have continual chronic pain in left arm from elbow to and right side of body from ear to breast area. Karen Duffy.