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[lˈa͡ɪfta͡ɪm], [lˈa‍ɪfta‍ɪm], [l_ˈaɪ_f_t_aɪ_m]

Synonyms for Lifetime:

durable (adjective)

durable, enduring, eternal, everlasting, incessant, interminable, lasting, lengthy, lifelong, livelong, long, long-life, perennial, perpetual, prolonged.

age (noun)

age, duration, eon, epoch, era, generation, lastingness, longevity, oldness, period, time.

point of time (noun)

century, day, decade, hour, microsecond, millennium, millisecond, minute, month, second, semester, term, week, year.

Other synonyms and related words:

Organic life, able, accrue, acquire, afterlife, alive, aliveness, all one's born days, all one's life, amount of time, animal spirits, animate existence, animation, apparition, arise, arrive, background, be born, become, beget, being alive, benign, biography, birth, bring about, career, cause, cheerful, chemical lifetime, chemical residence time, coexistence, come, come into being, come into existence, constant, continuance, continuation, cottage, courage, course, cradle to grave, create, date, days, decenniumm lustrum, derive, develop, durability, during, endurance, engender, ensue, existence, existential, extraneous, for life, forcible, foreign, generate, genial, get, ghost, ghurry, give birth, give rise to, good, grow, happen, hard, having life, healthy, hereafter, heyday, history, immature, immortality, intense, lasting quality, length of existence, life, life expectancy, life history, life span, life story, life's duration, life-time, lifespan, lifestyle, livelihood, liveliness, living, lunation, lusty, materialize, month of Sundays, mood, moon, natural life, obtain, one life, operating life, originate, past, peculiar, period of existence, permanent, person's life span, phantom, potent, prime, proceed, quarter, quinquennium, residence time, robust, serviceable life, solid, span, spirit, sprightliness, spriteliness, stable, steady, strange, strong, thing, throughout one's life, ultimate, uncooked, uncultured, unfamiliar, universe, unripe, untamed, viability, vitality, vivacity, world, yield.

Quotes for Lifetime:

  1. Two people will never be President in my lifetime A woman and a black. Charles Evers.
  2. Youth comes but once in a lifetime Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
  3. It has no enforceable standards to stop a union from conspiring with employers to keep another stronger union out or from negotiating contracts with lower pay and standards that members of another union have spent a lifetime establishing. Andy Stern.

Idioms of Lifetime:

  1. once in a lifetime
  2. Why break the habit of a lifetime?