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[lˈɪŋkɪŋ], [lˈɪŋkɪŋ], [l_ˈɪ_ŋ_k_ɪ_ŋ]

Synonyms for Linking:

fastening (verb)

basting, binding, bracketing, braiding, buckling, cementing, chaining, clinching, connecting, coupling, fastening, fusing, gluing, hinging, hitching, knitting, knotting, lacing, lashing, pasting, plaiting, sewing, splicing, staying, stitching, strapping, stringing, suturing, tacking, tethering, tying, weaving, welding, zipping.

sequencing (verb)

aligning, arranging, arraying, concatenating, following, lining up, ordering, progressing, queuing, ranking, sequencing, sorting, succeeding, threading.

Other synonyms and related words:

absorb, abut, accord, adding, addition, adjoin, adjoining, adjunct, affairs, affiliating, affiliation, affinity, affixing, agglomeration, agglutination, aggregation, alliance, amalgamate, amalgamation, anastomosing, annexation, annexing, appertaining, approximation, articulating, articulation, assemble, assembling, associate, associatedly, associating, association, assorting, attach, attach to, attaching, attachment, be binding, between, bind, bind together, bond, bonding, bracing, branding, bridging, button up, catenation, closeness, coalesce, coalescence, coalition, coherently, combination, combine, combining, communication, comparable, comparative, composition, concatenate, concatenation, concerning, concourse, concurrence, confederacy, confederation, confluence, congenial, congeries, conglomeration, conjoin, conjoining, conjointly, conjugation, conjunction, connect, connectedly, connection, connection orconnexion, consecutively, consolidate, consolidation, consorting, constantly, contacting, contiguity, continuity, continuously, contrariety, cording, correct, correlative, crossroads, dealings, deduction, disjunction, dovetailing, during, en rapport, fasten, filiation, fixedly, fixing, formal, frap, functional, fusion, gathering, grammatic, grammatical, grappling, group, grouping, homology, hooking, hookup, incorporate, incorporation, integrate, integration, interchange, intercommunication, interconnecting, interlinking, interlocking, interrelating, intersection, intimacy, intransitive, join, joining, joint, jointing, jointly, jointure, junction, juncture, liaison, link, link up, linkage, locking, looping, marriage, marrying, meet, meeting, meld, melt, merge, merger, merging, mutual attraction, nearness, nominal, of, organization, pairing, participial, partnership, pertaining, pertinent, prepositional, propinquity, proportional, proportionate, proximity, rapport, referable, referring, relate, relatedly, relating, relations, relationship, relative, relevantly, similarity, skein, society, spanning, splice, structural, substantive, symbiosis, sympathetic, sympathy, syntactic, synthesis, tie, tie together, tie up, torching, transitive, unification, union, unite, uniting, verb, verbal, yoking.

Rhymes for Linking:

  1. winking;
  2. inking, stinking, drinking, blinking, sinking, shrinking;
  3. unthinking;

Quotes for Linking:

  1. Upon the clothes behind the tenement, That hang like ghosts suspended from the lines, Linking each flat, but to each indifferent, Incongruous and strange the moonlight shines. Claude McKay.
  2. I have an almost religious zeal... not for technology per se, but for the Internet which is for me, the nervous system of mother Earth, which I see as a living creature, linking up. Dan Millman.
  3. I think we did a pretty good role, linking being a sounding board really and a driving force, especially from the bottom up. I think that part of this is bottom up as well as top down. Richard Rogers.