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What is another word for lowborn?

54 synonyms found


[l_ˈəʊ_b_ɔː_n], [lˈə͡ʊbɔːn], [lˈə‍ʊbɔːn]

Synonyms for Lowborn:

lowborn (noun) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Lowborn:

  1. sworn, horn, wellborn, bourn, shorn, torn, thorn, unborn, morn, born, reborn, warn, scorn, stillborn, worn, borne, corn, mourn, bourne;
  2. forlorn, adorn;

Adjectives for Lowborn:

  • underdressed,
  • penniless,
  • so-called,
  • nasty young,
  • beautiful and virtuous,
  • virtuous,
  • bloody,
  • beautiful,
  • unusually clever,
  • clever,
  • pathetic,
  • occasional,
  • monied,
  • damned,
  • terrible.