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[mˈaskwəɹˌe͡ɪd], [mˈaskwəɹˌe‍ɪd], [m_ˈa_s_k_w_ə_ɹ_ˌeɪ_d]


pretension (noun)

affectation, air, artificiality, charade, deceit, device, facade, fakery, falseness, forgery, fraud, front, gimmick, guise, imitation, impersonation, imposture, mannerism, ostentation, pretense, pretension.

pretend (verb)

affect, bluff, claim, counterfeit, cover, deceive, defraud, disguise, fake, falsify, forge, imitate, impersonate, pose, pretend, show, stage.

Rhymes for Masquerade:

  1. grayed, crusade, evade, grade, braid, displayed, buffeted, delayed, stayed, dissuade, tirade, laid, decayed, frayed, unafraid, prayed, unmade, cascade, portrayed, spayed, sauteed, played, conveyed, glade, unpaid, paid, jade, aid, palisade, persuade, surveyed, repaid, prepaid, invade, parade, shade, blade, weighed, handmade, pervade, bayed, flayed, unswayed, serenade, crocheted, obeyed, lade, upbraid, forbade, aide, fade, strayed, suede, made, promenade, upgrade, mislaid, swayed, brocade, underplayed, degrade, staid, homemade, charade, cade, brayed, spade, dismayed, trade, cliched, maid, brigade, wade, decade, ade, raid, home-made, sprayed;
  2. allayed, betrayed, arcade, abrade, afraid, arrayed, blockade;
  3. lemonade, disobeyed, colonnade;

Quotes for Masquerade:

  1. bases for historical knowledge are empirical facts but written texts, even texts masquerade in guise of or revolutions. Paul Deman.
  2. closing years of life are like end of a masquerade party, when masks are dropped. Cesare Pavese.
  3. During times of war, hatred becomes quite respectable even though has to masquerade often under guise of patriotism. Howard Thurman.

Idioms of Masquerade:

  1. masquerade as sm or sth;