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[mˈɛnʃən], [mˈɛnʃən], [m_ˈɛ_n_ʃ_ə_n]

Synonyms for Mention:

referral (noun)

allusion, citation, cross-reference, quotation, reference, referral.

Other synonyms and related words:

PR, Puffery, abduce, abide by, acceptance, accolade, according to, account, acknowledge, acknowledgement, acknowledgment, acquaint, acquaintance, acquainting, address, address to, adduce, admit, advance, advert, advert to, advertise, advertise of, advertisement, advise, advocate, affirmation, allegation, allude, allude to, along with, analytical, animadvert on, animadvert to, animadvert upon, annotation, announce, announcement, answer, apostrophe, appoint, apprise, appropriate, approval, armorial, arouse, as well as, assert, assertion, assign, attend, averment, be praised, be specific about, bear on, betray, blab, blue book, blurb, blurt, blurt out, book of facts, boost, boot, break, brief, briefing, bring, bring forward, bring in, bring to attention, bring to light, bring to notice, bring up, bring word, broach, broadcast, bulletin, by the, call, call attention to, call down, call forth, call up, carpe diem, catch, celebrate, certain, character, character reference, cite, clue, come to, commend, commendation, comment, comment about, comment on, commentate on, communicate, communication, communicativeness, communique, comprehend, concern, confess, conjointly, conjure, conjure up, constitute, consult, consultation, coupled with, course credit, cover, crack, credit, credit entry, critical, cue, data, datum, deal with, declaration, declare, decoration, deferred payment, define, definite, delineate, denominate, denotation, denote, describe, description, designate, designation, detail, detect, determinate, determine, diagnose, diagnostic, dictum, direct, direct attention to, direct to, direction, directory, disambiguate, disbosom oneself, disburden, discern, disclose, discover, discriminate, discuss, dispatch, distinctive, distinguish, divulge, do, duplicate, e sempre l'ora, elevate, emphasize, endemic, enlighten, enlightenment, enumerate, epithet, escape, esoteric, especial, establish, estimation, eulogy, evidence, excerpt, exclaim, exclamation, exemplify, express, expression, extension, extract, facts, factual information, fame, familiarization, familiarize, family, filler, find, find favor with, fix, focus on, follow, footnote, gain credit, gen, general information, get off chest, give ear, give expression to, give notice, give the facts, give word, go, goods, greeting, guidebook, handout, hang, hard information, have reference to, herald, hint, hint at, honor, honorable estimation, honorable mention, hype, identify, impart, imply, in conjunction with, in terms of, incidental information, including, inclusive, indicate, indication, indicative, individual, individualize, infer, info, inform, information, initiate, innuendo, insinuate, insinuation, instance, instruct, instruction, intelligence, intercommunication, interject, interjection, intimate, intimation, introduce, investigative, invoke, item, itemise, itemize, jointly, jotting, keep, key, key out, know, knowledge, kudos, leak, leave word, let be known, let drop, let fall, let know, let out, let slip, lift, lift by hand, light, list, logical, look up, maintain, make, make an appointment, make delivery, make known, make mention of, make reference to, mark, memo, memorandum, mention to, mentioning, message, moot, muse, name, name individually, name names, naming, narrate, nominate, nosce tempus, notation, note, notice, notification, notify, nunc aut nunquam, nurture, obiter dictum, observation, observe, observe on, observe upon, occasionem cognosce, offer, open, opine, oral statement, origin, outpouring, particularize, pay attention, pay heed, peach, peculiar, pen, personal, pertain, pertain to, phrase, pick out, piece, pin down, plug, point, point at, point of reference, point out, point to, point up, position, praise, present, presentation, proclaim, proffer, promote, promotion, promotional material, prompt, promulgate, pronouncement, proof, proper, propose, publication, publicity, publicize, publish, puff, push, put forth, put forward, put one's finger on, question, quote, raise, rat, reboot, recall, recite, recognise, recognition, recognize, recommend, recommendation, recount, refer, refer to, reference book, reference point, reference work, reflect, reflection, regard, reintroduce, relate, relate to, release, remark, remark about, remark on, remember, remind, repeat, report, represent, reproduce, retell, reveal, review, root, rouse, say, say in passing, saying, scoop, select, send word, sentence, serve notice, set, set forth, set forward, set out, sidelight, signal, signify, single out, slight, source, speak, speak about, speak of, special, specialize, specific, specification, specify, specifying, speech, spell out, spill guts, spill the beans, squeak, squeal, state, statement, stipulate, stir, stress, subjoinder, suggest, suggestion, summon, summons, support, system of thoughts, take, take down, take note, take note of, talk, talk about, talk of, tattle, teaching, tell, tell of, that reminds me, thought, throw out, tick off, tip, together with, touch, touch on, touch upon, transmission, tribute, trumpet, unburden, urge, utter, utterance, verse, warning, watch, watch attentively, watch over, white book, white paper, win golden opinions, with, withal, word, write about, write of.

Rhymes for Mention:

  1. tension, pension;
  2. dimension, convention, contention, detention, attention, suspension, prevention, pretension, dissension, invention, ascension, retention, extension;
  3. condescension, apprehension, hypertension, hypotension, comprehension;
  4. misapprehension;

Quotes for Mention:

  1. I was unwise enough to actually mention this in public a few times, and in fact to point out that there were two versions of the book now. One of them had somebody else's name on the cover, one had my name on the cover. Jonathan Franzen.
  2. Ray had so much love of life and the music. He had so much integrity. He treated the music with so much dignity and respect. I spent four and a half years as a sideman with Ray Brown's trio. Music was his life, more so than anyone I could mention Benny Green.
  3. When Arab apologists wring their hands over an Israeli military incursion, they never mention what the Israelis are reacting to, or else diminish and distort it. Jack Schwartz.

Idioms of Mention:

  1. mention sm or sth in sth;
  2. mention sm or sth in passing;
  3. mention sth to sm;