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[mɪɹˈakjʊləs], [mɪɹˈakjʊləs], [m_ɪ_ɹ_ˈa_k_j_ʊ_l_ə_s]

Synonyms for Miraculous:

exceptional (adjective)

excellent, exceptional, exotic, extraordinary, fabulous, fantastic, marvelous, notable, noteworthy, novel, outlandish, outstanding, peculiar, phenomenal, remarkable, sensational, striking, superior, unprecedented, unusual, wonderful, wonderous.

heavenly (adjective)

blissful, delightful, ecstatic, glorious, heavenly, joyful, rhapsodic.

Other synonyms and related words:

Woman's dialect divine, abnormal, admirable, amazing, anomalous, arcane, astonishing, astounding, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, bad, beguiling, bewildering, bewitched, boss, brave, breathtaking, brilliant, charmed, classic, classical, cool, courageous, crazy, dangerous, daring, dark, dazzling, death-defying, divine, dumbfounding, dumfounding, enchanted, enigmatic, epic, exquisite, extramundane, extraordinarily good, extrasensory, eye-opening, familiar, fantabulous, fantastical, far-out, fascinating, fine, first-rate, flabbergasting, fortuitous, fortunate, fortunately, fortune, freakish, ghostly, godlike, good, gorgeous, grand, great, groovy, heaven-sent, heavy, herculean, heroic, homeric, hot, howling, impressive, improbable, incomprehensible, inconceivable, incredible, inexplicable, legendary, lottery, lovely, luck, magic, magical, magnificent, marvellous, marvy, matchless, metaphysical, mind-blowing, mind-boggling, monstrous, mysterious, mystic, mystical, mythological, natural, necromantic, numinous, occult, other-worldly, out of sight, paranormal, passing strange, peerless, perfect, portentous, preterhuman, preternatural, prodigious, providential, psychic, puzzling, rare, rattling, singular, smashing, solid, spectacular, spectral, splendid, staggering, startling, strange, stunning, stupefying, stupendous, sublime, super, superb, superhuman, superlative, supermundane, supernatural, supernormal, superphysical, supersensible, supramundane, supranatural, surprising, talismanic, tall, terrific, thaumaturgic, thaumaturgical, the utmost, theurgic, theurgical, thrilling, transcendent, transcendental, tremendous, ultramundane, unaccountable, unbelievable, uncanny, uncommon, unearthly, unequalled, unexpected, unexplainable, unheard-of, unimaginable, unique, unknown, unnatural, unorthodox, unparalleled, unreal, unrivalled, valiant, weird, wild, wonder-working, wonderworking, wondrous.

Quotes for Miraculous:

  1. Moralities, ethics, laws, customs, beliefs, doctrines- these are of trifling import. All that matters is that the miraculous become the norm. Henry Miller.
  2. Now between the meanings of words and their sounds there is ordinarily no discoverable relation except one of accident; and it is therefore miraculous to the mystic, when words which make sense can also make a uniform objective structure of accents and rhymes. John C. Ransom.
  3. I want to lift the audience to the miraculous in human nature. After all, we shouldn't be here, with all the odds against us in nature. It's kind of unusual and wonderful! Paul Taylor.

Idioms of Miraculous:

  1. bell, book, and candle things that are miraculous or that signal that;
  2. bell, book, and candle things that are miraculous or that signal that sth;
  3. be nothing short of astonishing/ miraculous etc.;