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[mˈuːd], [mˈuːd], [m_ˈuː_d]

Synonyms for Mood:

emotion (noun)

anger, emotion, excitement, fear, feeling, hatred, passion, sadness, sensation, sentiment, sympathy, temperment.

feeling (noun)

affection, agitation, ardor, experience, feverishness, impression, response, thrill, tingle.

Other synonyms and related words:

Be, Birse, Paddy, acharnement, action, adventitious, affect, affections, again and again, aggravate, aim, air, alteration, ambiance, ambience, amiability, anagnorisis, angle, angriness, angry, animus, annoy, annoyance, apdisposition, appearance, applicability, approach, aptendency, aptitude, aptness, architectonics, architecture, argument, argumentum ad misericordiam, aroma, artistic effect, aspect, asperity, at times, atmosphere, attitude, aura, auxiliary, average, background, barbaric, be enraged, belief, bent, bias, bile, biliousness, bodily fluid, body fluid, bore, bosom, bother, break, caprice, cast, cast of mind, cast of soul, catastrophe, categorical syllogism, category, change, character, characteristic, characterization, cheer, choler, climate, clime, color, colouring, complexion, complication, component, conatus, conceit, conception, condition, conditional, conducement, conduciveness, conjugation, conniption, constitution, continuity, contrivance, copula, crotchet, cue, dander, declension, demeanour, denouement, design, desire, development, deviation, device, diathesis, diction, dilemma, direction, displease, displeasure, disposed, disposition, distinctive, distract, disturb, diversion, do, drift, drive, dudgeon, dummy, eager, ease, ebullition, element, emotional state, enthymeme, environment, episode, esprit de corps, estate, evolution, exasperate, exasperation, excite, fable, facet, factor, fain, falling action, fancy, fashion, favorable, favorably disposed, favorably inclined, favorably-minded, feather, feature, feel, feelings, ferment, fierce, figure, fit, fit of crying, flavor, flood of tears, form, formal, frame, frame of mind, frame of soul, freak, fume, furious, furor, fury, genius, get angry, gimmick, godforsaken, grace, grain, habit of mind, habit of soul, halo, harass, heart, heat, hint, hit the ceiling, horny, hot, hot-blooded, humor, humour, hysterics, idea, idiocrasy, idiosyncrasy, image, imagination, impatience, imperative, impulse, in a temper, in mourning, in the humor, in the mind, in the mood, in the vein, incident, inclination, inclination toward, inclined, indicative, indignation, individuality, infest, inflection, inflexion, innovation, instrumentality, irate, irateness, ire, irk, irritability, irritate, irritation, jussive, karma, keen, key, lachrymation, lachrymose, lacrimation, lamenting, language, leaning, leaning to, liability, libidinous, lie, liking, line, liquid body substance, lividity, lividness, local color, locus paenitentiae, lot, love, lusty, mad, madden, madness, make up, manner, melting mood, mental state, metastasis, mettle, milieu, mind, mind-set, minded, modal, modal value, modality, mode, mode of expression, modification, modulation, modus tollens, morale, motif, mournful, movement, musical mode, mutation, mythos, nation, nature, nimbus, nisus, note, nothing loth, now and then, obligative, occasionally, odor, often enough, optative, orientation, outlook, outrage, paddywack, paddywhack, paralogism, pass, passionate, patina, peculiarity, peevishness, penchant, peppiness, peripeteia, permissive, permutation, personality, perturb, pester, pet, pettishness, phraseology, phrasing, pickle, pique, plaintful, plaintive, plan, pleasure, plight, plot, position, posture, potential, predicament, predilection, predisposition, proclivity, proclivity toward, proneness, propendency, propenseness, propension, propensity, property, prosyllogism, provoke, pseudosyllogism, pucker, qualification, qualified, qualities, quality, quarter, querimonious, querulous, rage, raging, rancor, randy, ready, recognition, resentment, revolution, rile, rising action, ruffle one's feathers, rule, rule of deduction, rutting, savage, scheme, secondary plot, semblance, sense, sense modality, sense of humor, sense of humour, sensory system, sentence structure, sentiments, set, situation, slant, smell, snappishness, snit, sometimes, sorites, sorrowful, sorrowing, soul, spirit, spirits, spite, spleen, spontaneous, stance, state, state of mind, status, stir, story, strain, streak, stripe, structure, style, subject, subjunctive, subplot, subservience, suggestion, sulk, sulkiness, supposition, surliness, susceptibility, switch, syllogism, sympathetic, take offence, take offense, taking, tantrums, team spirit, tear, tearful, technique, temper, temperament, tempestuous, tendency, tendency toward, tenor, thematic development, theme, thread, threnetic, tide, tiff, timbre, tone, topic, toties quoties, touch, toughness, towering passion, trace, treatment, trim, turn, turn of mind, turn rusty, twist, undercurrent, undertow, unhappy, untamed, up, utility, vagary, variation, vehement, vein, venom, vernacular, vex, vibration, view, viewpoint, vocabulary, warmth, way, weeping, well-disposed, whim, willing, wish, wit, witticism, wittiness, word choice, wording, worry, wrath, wrathfulness.

Rhymes for Mood:

  1. feud, stewed, brewed, screwed, subdued, cued, glued, skewed, rood, dude, sued, food, unglued, rude, delude, brood, jude, obtrude, pursued, hued, mewed, extrude, preclude, spewed, protrude, exclude, crude, renewed, imbued, elude, ensued, lewd, exude, queued, shoed, reviewed, shrewd, wooed, prude, viewed, seclude, intrude, include, denude;
  2. canoed, accrued, collude, conclude, allude;
  3. misconstrued;

Quotes for Mood:

  1. At first, I only laughed at myself. Then I noticed that life itself is amusing. I've been in a generally good mood ever since. Marilyn vos Savant.
  2. Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around. Bill Watterson.
  3. I've learned over the years that people are human and have mood swings, regardless of how talented they are. Today, I'm looking at life from a realistic point of view instead of the way I would want things to be. Otis Williams.

Idioms of Mood:

  1. in the mood ( for sth);
  2. be in the mood
  3. be in no mood for sth/ to do sth;