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[mˈɔː], [mˈɔː], [m_ˈɔː]

Synonyms for More:

additional (adjective)

accrual, additional, amalgamated, annexed, augmented, enlarged, expanded, extended, grown, increased, incremented, larger, raised.

Other synonyms and related words:

AS, Beside, Mo, Thomas More, about, above, above par, above the mark, accession, accessory, accretion, actually, adapt, add to, added, addendum, addition, additionally, adjunct, again, aggrandized, all but, all included, all over again, almost, along, along with, also, alter, altogether, amassed, among other things, ancillary, and, and all, and also, and eke, and so, and so forth, and then some, anew, another, another one, any more, anymore, anyway, aplenty, apparently, approaching, approximately, arise, around, as good as, as if, as it were, as well, at bottom, at its height, au reste, augment, author, auxiliary, bank, barely, base, basically, be pleasing, beat, befall, besides, better, beyond, big, bigger, bit, boost, boot, bounteous, broaden, bulk, by the same token, certain, change, close to, close upon, collateral, come, comparatively, composite, consider, continue, contribute, contributory, cry for seconds, cum multis aliis, curse, custom, develop, double, effect, effectively, else, en plus, encore, enhanced, enlarge, enormous, equivalent to, essentially, ethic, ever more, exceed, exceeding, exceedingly, excel, except, except with, exceptional, excessive, expand, expletive, extend, extra, extraordinary, extremely, fairly, far from less, farther, fatten, for lagniappe, for practical purposes, foundation, fresh, further, furthermore, furthest, gain, generality, generalization, getting on for, go, gradient, greater, greater and greater, greater number, greater than, greedy person's cry, grow, growingly, happen, hardly, heavier, height, higher, hill, hillock, however, hyper-, important, improve, in addition, in advance of, in effect, in essence, in excess, in excess of, in fact, in moderation, in some measure, in truth, in way of, increase, increasingly, increment, infinite, innumerable, intent, inter alia, into the bargain, item, just about, kind of, larger than, less, likewise, little, longer, major, majority, manner, many, massed, merely, moderately, moral, more active, more advanced, more and more, more like, more perfect, more sweetly, more than, more than one, more than that, moreover, mores, most, mound, much, nearing, nearly, neighbourhood, nevertheless, new, no longer, nonuniqueness, not far off, not quite, not singular, numerous, numerousness, odd, on and on, on the side, on top of, once more, one more, opposed to less, optimum, origin, other, outdo, over, over and above, over the mark, overabundant, overly, overmuch, overplus, paramount, partly, pass, passably, past, pay, pay back, plentiful, plural, pluralism, pluralistic, plurality, pluralness, plurative, plus, plus mark, plus sign, practically, pretty, proliferation, quasi, quasi-, quite, rather, really, record-breaking, reimburse, relative quantity, relatively, remain, repay, requite, rest, rest of, revolve, rise, root, roughly, same as, scanty, scarce, scarcely, seemingly, several, significant, similarly, sir thomas more, slightly, so, so to speak, solon, some, someone else, something like, somewhat, sort of, spare, statesman, still, still further, substantially, superior, supernumerary, supplement, supplemental, supplementary, surpass, surplus, temperately, then, therewith, to a degree, to a greater extent, to boot, to some degree, to some extent, too, too many, tradition, truly, ulterior, unconscionable, undue, upward, upwards, upwards of, variety, various, very, virtually, way, weighty, wellnigh, widen, wider, withal, within limits, within reason, writer, yea, yet.

Rhymes for More:

  1. implore, roar, war, score, postwar, moore, pore, offshore, chore, hoar, floor, shore, galore, pour, store, soar, core, boer, snore, or, lore, inshore, deplore, sore, outpour, explore, ignore, thor, gabor, outscore, gore, ore, prewar, torr, hardcore, drawer, four, yore, orr, bohr, corps, restore, door, bore, wore, fore, swore, underscore, tore, rapport, dior, boar;
  2. afore, before, amour, abhor, adore, ashore, decor;
  3. guarantor, livermore, heretofore, anymore;

Quotes for More:

  1. Those who weep recover more quickly than those who smile. Jean Giraudoux.
  2. We're not saying that you don't need coal, but when you do mine the coal there are responsibilities to it. It may cost a little more but it is the right thing to do. Kevin Richardson.
  3. I have more money now than I know what to do with. Mark Wahlberg.

Idioms of More:

  1. more power to you!, at more power to your elbow!;
  2. couldn't agree more/ less;
  3. have another/ more than one string to your bow;