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[mˈʌfə͡l], [mˈʌfə‍l], [m_ˈʌ_f_əl]

Synonyms for Muffle:

quiet (verb)

deaden, dull, quiet, silence, still, turn down.

Other synonyms and related words:

Burke, Embosom, Enswathe, absorb, acoustic tile, alembic, antiknock, antlia, apply, apply to, apron, asphyxiate, athanor, baffle, baffler, bandage, be asphyxiated, be cloud, be mask, beak, beezer, befog, benumb, bill, bind, black out, blank out, blanket, block, blunt, boiler, bower, brasier, break, bugle, bumble, bundle, bundle up, caldron, canopy, case, casing, censor, chafing-dish, check, choke, choke back, choke down, choke off, circumvest, clip one's words, cloak, close the curtain, clothe, cloud, combustion chamber, conceal, conk, containment, control, cope, cover, cover up, cowl, cravat, crematorium, croak, crucible, curb, curtain, cushion, cut one short, cut short, damp, damp down, dampen, dampener, damper, de-emphasize, deaden, deafen, decrease, depress, diffuse, discourage, disguise, do up, draw the curtain, drawing the veil, drawl, drown, drown out, drown the voice, dumbfound, dumfounder, dwelling, eclipse, electric furnace, electric heater, electric resistance heat, emasculate, encase, enclose, encompass, enfold, ensconce, enshroud, entangle, envelop, envelop completely, envelope, enwrap, fiery furnace, film, focus, fold, fold up, forge, furnace, gag, gauntlet, gibber, gift-wrap, girdle, habitation, halter, handkerchief, hap, hearth, heater, hide, hold back, hold down, hold in, hood, housing, hugger mugger, hush, hush up, hush-hush, hushcloth, hypocaust, in restraint of, incinerator, induction furnace, infold, inhibit, inhibition, insulate, interdiction, invest, involve, inwrap, jabber, keep back, keep down, keep quiet, keep secret, keep under control, kettle, kiln, lap, lap up, lay on, lay over, lid, limekiln, lisp, lodging, make moist, mantle, mask, maud, mauder, mellow, mince, mispronounce, missay, mitigate, mitt, mitten, moderate, moisten, mollify, mouth, muffle kiln, muffle up, muffler, mumble, mump, mute, mutter, muzzle, nares, neb, neutralize, nib, nose, nostril, nostrils, nozzle, nullify, obduce, obscure, occult, olfactory organ, oven, overlap, overlay, overspread, pacify, pack, package, pall, pot, proboscis, propitiate, protect, put on, put out, put the lid on, put to silence, quash, quell, quench, quiet orquieten, quieten, quietener, render mute, render silent, repress, restrain, retort, reverberatory, rhinarium, roll up, roll up in, rostrum, salamander, schnozzle, screen, screen from observation, screen from sight, scum, seal up, seething caldron, sheath, sheathe, shell, shield, shroud, shush, shut down, shut down on, shut off, silence cloth, silencer, sit upon, sit down on, sit on, sit upon, slur, smeller, smother, snoot, snout, snuffle, soft pedal, soften, sordine, sordino, sound-absorbing material, soundproofing, soundproofing insulation, sourdine, speak thick, splutter, spread over, sputter, squash, squelch, stifle, stop, stop one's mouth, stove, strangle, strike dumb, subdue, subjugate, suffocate, superimpose, superpose, suppress, suppression, surround, swaddle, swathe, tame, temper, throttle, tie, tone down, trunk, tuyere, upper lip, urn, veil, volcano, waffle irons, warming pan, wash, weaken, whisper, wind, wrap, wrap round, wrap up.

Rhymes for Muffle:

  1. scuffle, duffel, shuffle, truffle, ruffle;
  2. reshuffle, kerfuffle;

Idioms of Muffle:

  1. muffle sth up;