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[nˈabd], [nˈabd], [n_ˈa_b_d]

Synonyms for Nabbed:

taken (adjective)

abducted, acquired, amassed, annexed, appropriated, bagged, captured, caught, collected, commandeered, confiscated, gathered, gotten, grabbed, harvested, impounded, levied, procured, reaped, taken, usurped.

took (verb)

deprived, got, monopolized, took.

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Rhymes for Nabbed:

  1. stabbed, grabbed, crabbed;

Quotes for Nabbed:

  1. Of -course we did, but we didn't reply because we knew once this leaks the others will scatter, so in the few days we moved quickly before the press got hold of it. The press did get hold of it a few days later, we nabbed we were able to get 15, the others got away. Lee Kuan Yew.