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[njˈuː], [njˈuː], [n_j_ˈuː]

Synonyms for New:

beginning (adjective)

Genesis, aboriginal, alpha, baby, beginning, budding, commencing, dawned, early, embryonic, emerging, fetal, first, foremost, formative, germinal, hatching, inaugural, incipient, infant, infantile, initial, introductory, maiden, nascent, newborn, original, precursory, preliminary, preparatory, primal, primeval, primordial, sprouting, starting.

new (adjective)

avant-garde, contemporary, current, fresh, late-breaking, latest, modern, novel, recent, topical, up-to-date, up-to-the-minute.

Other synonyms and related words:

Infantine, ab ovo, absorb, absurdity, accessory, actual, added, additional, adjunct, advanced, afresh, again, all over again, all the rage, all the thing, already, altered, alternative, ancillary, anew, annexed, another, another one, another time, antediluvian, any more, apprentice, archaic, as is, as new, at first hand, au courant, audaciously, authentic, auxiliary, baloney, bare-ass, barely, basic, beginner, being, belated, belatedly, benchmark, besides, beta, beyond, birth, bis, bizarre, blank, bleak, boldly, bosh, bracing, bran-new, brand-new, brazenly, brisk, callow, cash outlay, cause, changed, cheekily, chic, class unmatched, clean, clear, cleverness, collateral, colonial, compensatory, consider, consistent, consume, contemporaneous, contributory, corrode, creation, creative, credential, crude, cumulative, cutting edge, daringly, dated, de novo, dead, deem, defunct, designer, desuetude, dewy, different, disaccustomed, disburse, disparate, dissimilar, dissipate, distinct, distinctive, divergent, dressed-up, earliest, eat, else, empty, encore, energising, energizing, enhanced, entering, ever-new, evergreen, exceptional, existent, existing, expend, experimental, extant, extra, extraordinary, extreme, extremist, facelifting, far-out, farther, fashionable, first-hand, firsthand, fledgling, fogy, foreign, foreigner, fossil, fresher, freshly, freshness, fritter, from scratch, front end, furbish, furbished, further, green, ground-breaking, groundbreaking, growing, half-grown, have just, headline, held, held in reserve, held out, high and steep, hip, hip consumers, hoary, hot, imaginative, immanent, immature, immediate, immigrant, impertinent, impertinently, impolitely, important, impressionable, improved, improved's partner, impudent, impudently, in, in abeyance, in fashion, in hand, in style, in the altogether, in the buff, in the raw, in vogue, incoming, incompetent, incomplete, increased, independent, inexperienced, inexperient, influential, information, innovation, innovational, innovative, innovativeness, insolently, instant, intact, intellect, intelligence, inventive, invigorated, judgment, just now, just out, juvenile, landmark, last, late, late-model, lately, later, latish, latter, latter-day, latterly, leadoff, learner, like fdr's deal, logo, longitudinal, lost, maidenly, mellifluous, message, mint, mod, modernistic, modernize, modish, more, most recent, natural, needs, neoteric, nestling, new age, new to, new-fashioned, new-made, new-sprung, newcomer, newest, newfangled, newfangledness, newfashioned, newfound, newly, newly developing, newly elected, newness, nonsense, novelty, now, obsolete, obsoletism, odd, of late, often, old fashioned, olden, once again, once more, one more, opening, organic, originality, other, otherwise, outdated, outmoded, over again, overbold, particular, parvenu, parvenue, peculiar, perfumed, personal, pert, pertly, pioneering, plus, popular, precedent-setting, precipitous peak, premature, present, present time, present-age, present-day, presumptuously, prevalent, primary, prime, pristine, progress, progressive, put aside, put by, radical, rare, raw, re-create, reborn, recently, recently made, recherche, red hot, redesigned, redone, refresh, refreshed, refreshful, refreshing, refurbish, refurbishment, regenerate, regenerated, rehabilitated, reinvigorated, rejuvenate, rejuvenated, remarkable, remedial, remodelled, renew, renewal, renewed, renovate, renovation, repeat, replenish, report, reserve, rest of, restore, restored, revitalize, revitalized, revive, revived, revolutionary, rigmarole, rising, rudely, rudimentary, running, sassy, saucily, saucy, saved, seminal, sempervirent, shabby, singular, smart, someone else, sore, space age, spare, special, spend, spic-and-span, spick-and-span, squander, standby, stark naked, start, state of the art, stick-in-the-mud, stored, strange, stranger, stylish, sunrise, supernumerary, supplemental, supplementary, surplus, suspended, swank, sweet, synchronic, tardily, telling, tender, that be, that is, tiding, timeworn, to spare, today's, tonic, tony, too fresh, topic, trendy, trig, ulterior, ultramodern, unaccustomed, unacquainted, unalike, unapplied, unbeaten, unbeknown, uncharted, uncommon, unconsumed, uncontaminated, unconventional, uncultivated, undemonstrated, underived, understanding, undeveloped, unemployed, unexampled, unexercised, unexpended, unexplored, unfamiliar, unfermented, unfinished, unfledged, unformed, unhabituated, unhackneyed, unhandled, unheard-of, uninitiate, uninitiated, uninured, unique, unknown, unlike, unmatched, unorthodox, unparalleled, unpolluted, unpracticed, unprecedented, unproved, unproven, unripe, unseasoned, unsettled, unskilled, unspent, unspoiled, untapped, untested, untouched, untrained, untried, untrodden, unused, unusual, unutilized, unwarranted, unweathered, unwonted, unworn, up-to-datish, update, upstart, use up, vanished, venerable, vernal, very recent, very recently, vet, virginal, vulnerable, waived, waste, way out, weird, wellborn, wind, windles, without charges, without precedent, yet again, young, youngish, youthful.

Rhymes for New:

  1. goo, shoe, mew, chew, moo, flu, brew, pew, yew, shew, coup, hew, wu, cue, glue, slew, jew, blew, queue, hue, view, two, dew, shrew, sue, coo, lu, u, spew, pu, skew, strew, boo, gnu, grew, too, rue, screw, sioux, woo, ku, few, due, loo, ru, shoo, clue, stew, do, lieu, zoo, chou, who, bleu, drew, thew, knew, crew, true, blue, threw, through, gu, flue, yue, zhou;
  2. ado, accrue, bamboo, adieu, baku, outdo, taboo, cebu, debut, imbue, askew, anew, tatu, renew, redo, pursue, ague, ensue, construe, subdue, undo, fondue, unglue, canoe, babu, review, miscue, undue, revue, withdrew, eschew, wahoo, peru, untrue;
  3. kangaroo, hitherto, misconstrue, iou, overthrew, depardieu, overdo, overdue, katmandu;
  4. hullabaloo;

Quotes for New:

  1. Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans- born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace. John F. Kennedy.
  2. Especially with Elektra, because I'm doing a lot of the covers for the new version of Elektra. Bill Sienkiewicz.
  3. Rest assured that my support for any eventual reform package will be based firmly upon what is in the best interests of the people of Upstate New York, not any party or president. James T. Walsh.

Idioms of New:

  1. spanking new
  2. You cannot put new wine in old bottles.;
  3. ( brand) spanking new