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[nˈɒd], [nˈɒd], [n_ˈɒ_d]

Synonyms for Nod:

greet (verb)

accost, acknowledge, approach, bow, curtsy, embrace, greet, hail, hug, kiss, kowtow, notice, receive, salaam, salute, shake hands with, signal, smile, vociferate, wave, welcome.

hang (verb)

bob, dangle, draggle, drape, droop, hang, loll, sag, sway, swing, trail.

indicate (verb)

alert, beckon, betoken, brand, cue, denote, designate, flag, gesticulate, gesture, guide, indicate, label, mark, motion, note, notify, nudge, point, point out, prompt, shrug, stamp, symbolize, tag, ticket, wink.

Other synonyms and related words:

Aye, Encephalitis Lethargica, Tilting, abide by, accede, accede to, accept, acceptance, acclaim, accord, accord to, account, acknowledgment, acquiesce, acquiesce in, acquiescence, act, address, adherence, admiration, admission, advocacy, affirmance, affirmation, affirmative, affirmative attitude, affirmativeness, agree, agree in opinion, agree silently, agree to, agree with, agreement, aid to navigation, alarm, alternate, amber light, amen, amen to, announce, applaud, appreciation, approbation, approval, approve, approve of, approvement, assent, assenting gesture, assentment, assure, auction gesture, authentication, authorisation, authorization, avowal, bag, balefire, be asleep, be careless, be caught napping, be inattentive, be lax, be mistaken, be neglectful, be negligent, be sleepy, be willing, be wrong, beacon, beacon fire, bear, beat, beat the drum, beck, beck and call, become inattentive, behave, behest, bell, bell buoy, bend, bend the head, bend the knee, bend the neck, bending, bending the knee, bid good day, bid good morning, bidding, blessing, blink, blinker, blue peter, bob a curtsy, bob down, bobble, bow and scrape, bow down, bow the head, bow to, bowing, bowing and scraping, bring, broad hint, buoy, buy, byplay, call, calling, calling forth, carry, cascade, catalepsy, catch forty winks, catch a nap, catch forty winks, catnap, caution light, certification, cheer, chime in with, chirology, clew, close in with, close the eyes, clue, coax, coincide, coma, command, communicate, comply, concord, concordance, concur, concurrence, condescend, condolence, confession of faith, confirmation, conform to, connive at, consent, consent to silently, convey, convince, convocation, countenance, countersignature, courtesy, credit, crouch, curtsey, dactylology, dactylonomy, daggle, dance, default, defer to, deign, depend, dictum, dip, dipping the colors, disregard, doze, doze off, drabble, drag, dream, drift, drift off, drink to, drop, drop asleep, drowse, drowse off, drowze, duck, dumb show, echo, endearment, endorse, endorsement, err, esteem, estimation, evocation, exchange colors, fail, fall, fall asleep, fall down before, favor, favorable vote, favour, fiat, fitful, flag down, flap, flare, flash, flicker, flickering, flip, flop, flow, fluctuate, fluctuation, flutter, fog bell, fog whistle, foghorn, forty winks, freemasonry, gentle hint, genuflect, genuflection, gesticulation, get sleep, get some shut-eye, get some z's, give a signal, give assent, give consent, give the nod, glad hand, glance, glimmer, glimmering, gloss over, go ahead, go along with, go light, go to bed, go to sleep, go with, golden opinions, gong buoy, good opinion, grant, green light, greeting, hail and speak, half-mast, hand-clasp, handshake, hang down, have a doze, have no objection, heavily, heliograph, hello, hest, hibernate, high, hint, hob and nob, hoist a banner, hold with, homage, how-do-you-do, hukm, ignore, implication, imprimatur, in toto, inclination, incline, indent, index, indicate assent, indication, indorse, induce, inkling, innuendo, insinuation, international alphabet flag, international numeral pennant, intimation, inveigle, invocation, key, kick, kiss hands, kneel, kneeling, kudos, lapse, lean, leave, leer, lend oneself to, let go, let ride, let slide, let slip, lethargy, librate, lift, lift the hat, little, look, lop, lose sight of, lose track of, love, lower one's head, lower the head, make a leg, make a mistake, make a sign, make obeisance, make one's bow, making a leg, mark of recognition, marker beacon, move to, nap, narcohypnosis, narcolepsy, narcoma, narcosis, narcotic stupor, narcotization, neglect, nictitate, nod assent, nod of assent, nod off, nod to, nodding, node, nonverbal agreement, nonverbal approval, not care for, not get involved, not heed, not refuse, not think, notarization, o'clock, obeisance, obsequiousness, ok, okay, old testament land, order, ordinance, oscillate, oscillation, ot land, overlook, oversleep, pantomime, parachute flare, pass over, pend, permission, permit, persuade, pilot flag, play, pledge, poke, police whistle, popularity, preconization, presenting arms, prostrate oneself, prostration, pull the forelock, pulsate, quarantine flag, quiver, radio beacon, raise a cry, raise the finger, raise the hand, ratification, ratify, reciprocate, recognition, recognize, red flag, red light, regard, repute, requisition, resolution, respect, respond, rest, reverence, rock, rocket, roman candle, rubber stamp, sailing aid, salutation, sanction, saw the air, say aye, say aye to, say ditto, say hello, say yes, say yes to, say-so, scent, scrape, seal, seal of approval, seal up eyelids, sedation, semaphore, semaphore flag, semaphore telegraph, servility, settle to sleep, shake, shake hands, shock, show assent, shuteye, siesta, sigil, sign, sign of approval, signal agreement, signal assent, signal beacon, signal bell, signal fire, signal flag, signal gong, signal gun, signal lamp, signal light, signal mast, signal post, signal rocket, signal shot, signal siren, signal tower, signalize, signature, signet, silent agreement, sleep, sleep soundly, sleeping sickness, slip, slumber, slump, small amount, smile of recognition, smile upon, snooze, snore one's best, sopor, sound an alarm, sound the trumpet, speak, spoor, squat, stack z's, stamp of approval, standing at attention, stoop, stop light, strike in with, stupor, submission, submissiveness, subscribe, subscribe to, subscription, suggestion, summons, supination, suspicion, swag, swoon, symptom, take, take a nap, take for granted, take kindly to, telegraphy, telltale, thanatosis, thumbs-up, tick, tilt, tip the wink, to nod off, toss, touch, touch the hat, track, traffic light, traffic signal, trance, turn, uncover, underscore, undulate, undulation, unfurl a flag, use body language, valediction, validation, vellication, vibrate, vibration, visa, vise, voice, vote, vote affirmatively, vote aye, vote for, wabble, wag, waggle, wamble, warrant, watch fire, wave a flag, wave the hand, waver, weep, whisper, whistle, white flag, wigwag, wigwag flag, wink at, wobble, yawn, yea, yea vote, yea-saying, yellow flag, yes, yield assent, zizz.

Rhymes for Nod:

  1. prod, squad, shod, odd, plod, trod, fahd, rod, god, pod, quad, cod, todd, clod, scrod, sod, wad, tod;
  2. roughshod, riyadh, facade;

Quotes for Nod:

  1. I'd make a comment at a meeting and nobody would even acknowledge me. Then some man would say the same thing and they'd all nod Charlotte Bunch.
  2. I would rather have a nod from an American, than a snuff -box from an emperor. George Byron.
  3. The pat on the back, the arm around the shoulder, the praise for what was done right and the sympathetic nod for what wasn't are as much a part of golf as life itself. Gerald R. Ford.

Idioms of Nod:

  1. land of Nod
  2. nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse;
  3. on the nod