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What is another word for ophthalmologist?

74 synonyms found


[ˌɒfθɐlmˈɒləd͡ʒˌɪst], [ˌɒfθɐlmˈɒləd‍ʒˌɪst], [ˌɒ_f_θ_ɐ_l_m_ˈɒ_l_ə_dʒ_ˌɪ_s_t]

Synonyms for Ophthalmologist:

ophthalmologist (noun) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Ophthalmologist:

  1. pathologist, ideologist, gerontologist, zoologist, entomologist, gynecologist, radiologist;
  2. neurologist, biologist, apologist;
  3. dermatologist, cardiologist, archaeologist;
  4. paleontologist;
  5. anesthesiologist;

Quotes for Ophthalmologist:

  1. We were led to a pediatric ophthalmologist It's a hard date for me, April 14, 1998. The doctor came back from the examining room and told us she had tumors in both eyes. Hunter Tylo.

Adjectives for Ophthalmologist:

  • suburbanite,
  • marvelous,
  • japanese,
  • sole,
  • blind,
  • unfortunate,
  • handsome,
  • chief,
  • best,
  • world-famous,
  • competent,
  • skilled,
  • successful,
  • excellent.