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[plˈʌɡd], [plˈʌɡd], [p_l_ˈʌ_ɡ_d]


closed (adjective)

choked, closed, corked, fastened, hermetic, latched, locked, obstructed, sealed, secured, shut, stopped.

plugged (adjective)

covered, tapped.

hindered (verb)

baffled, barred, blocked, bottlenecked, braked, bunged, burdened, caught, checked, clogged, complicated, congested, constipated, constrained, countered, cramped, crimped, crippled, curbed, dammed, delayed, detained, deterred, dragged, encumbered, entangled, entrapped, fettered, fouled, frustrated, hampered, hamstrung, handicapped, hindered, impaired, impeded, inhibited, interrupted, jammed, mired, opposed, paralyzed, resisted, restrained, restricted, snagged, snarled, stayed, tangled, thwarted.

Rhymes for Plugged:

  1. hugged, tugged, drugged, bugged, shrugged, mugged;
  2. unplugged;

Quotes for Plugged:

  1. I just saw movie for first time in entirely last night. really cool when in an audience so tuned in and plugged in to going on. Sasha Alexander.

Idioms of Plugged:

  1. not worth a hill of beans and not amount to a hill of beans not worth a plugged nickel not worth beans;