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[pɹˈɛfɹəns], [pɹˈɛfɹəns], [p_ɹ_ˈɛ_f_ɹ_ə_n_s]

Synonyms for Preference:

choice (noun)

alternative, choice, decision, desire, determination, discretion, election, judgment, option, pick, selection, volition, wish.

Other synonyms and related words:

Fashionableness, Parti Pris, acceptance, advancement, advantage, affection, affinity, alternativity, ambition, animus, antecedence, antecedency, anteposition, anteriority, anticipation, appetence, appetency, appetite, apple of eye, appreciation, aptitude, ascent, aspiration, attachment, attitude, attraction, avidity, bag, before, benefit, bent, bias, bond, by choice, by preference, cast, character, choosing, chosen kind, co-optation, co-option, comprehension, constitution, convenience, cosset, craving, creation, cup of tea, currency, darling, delight, diathesis, discernment, discrimination, disposition, distinction, dominion, druthers, eagerness, eccentricity, elevation, enjoyment, enthusiasm, epacme, esteemed, eye, fair, fair-haired boy, fair-haired girl, fancy, fascination, favor, favorite, favoritism, favour, favourite, favouritism, fetich, fetish, first choice, first place, flash, fondling, fondness, free choice, free will, front, front position, grain, granting of indulgences, gravitate, groove, gustation, gustatory modality, gustatory perception, gustatory sensation, gusto, hankering, hunger, ideal, idiosyncrasy, idol, immediacy, importance, in preference, inclination, individualism, inequality, interest, involvement, itch, jaundice, jewel, judgement, keenness, kidney, kindness, lead, leaning, liberty, like, likes, liking, longing, love, make, makeup, matinee idol, mental set, mettle, mind, mind-set, minion, mold, mould, moulder, mouldy, mouthful, mutual affinity, mutual attraction, nature, need, nepotism, one-sidedness, operator precedence, opinion poll, orientation, orientation course, palate, partiality, partialness, particular choice, partisanism, partisanship, passion, patronage, penchant, perceptiveness, personal choice, pet, pick of the litter, picking, pleasure, political patronage, popularity, position, pre-eminence, precedence, precedency, preceding, precession, precursor, predilection, predisposition, predominance, prefer, preferences, preferential right, preferential treatment, preferment, preferred, prefixation, prejudice, prelation, prelude, preoption, prepossession, prerogative, prevalence, pride of place, primacy, priority, privilege, proclivity, promotion, proneness, propensity, prothesis, rank, rather, religion, relish, resource, right, rise, say, say-so, selectivity, seniority, sense of taste, set, shine, shoo-in, slant, soft spot, speed, spoiled child, spoils, stamp, stomach, strain, streak, stripe, style, superiority, supremacy, survey, susceptibility, sweet tooth, sympathy, taste, taste perception, taste sensation, tasting, temper, temperament, tendency, tendentiousness, than, thing, thirst, tolerance, top, trump, turn, turn of mind, twist, type, undetachment, undispassionateness, unneutrality, upgrade, upgrading, urge, urgency, usage, use, value, vantage, velleity, vogue, voice, vote, warp, way, weakness, weight, whim, white-haired boy, white-haired girl, white-headed boy, white-headed girl, will, yearning, yen, zeal, zest.

Rhymes for Preference:

  1. reference, deference;

Quotes for Preference:

  1. I'm an American before any party preference Lynn Anderson.
  2. In science, read, by preference the newest works; in literature, the oldest. The classic literature is always modern. Robert Bulwer-Lytton.
  3. I don't drink, and I don't smoke. It's a personal preference My mom has never drunk or smoked. I look up to my mom. Ashley Tisdale.