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[pɹˈə͡ʊfa͡ɪl], [pɹˈə‍ʊfa‍ɪl], [p_ɹ_ˈəʊ_f_aɪ_l]

Synonyms for Profile:

outline (noun)

border, circumference, configuration, contour, delineation, drawing, figure, form, frame, framework, girth, limit, outline, perimeter, periphery, plan, representation, silhouette, skeleton, sketch, tracing, wire frame.

outline (verb)

circumscribe, delineate, draft, draw, represent, trace.

Other synonyms and related words:

Lee, account, adapt, adventure, adventures, alter, ambit, analysis, anatomy, annals, appearance, appease, aspect, assuage, attitude, attract, autobiography, background, bank, beam, bearing, biograph, biographical sketch, biography, block, blueprint, bod, body, boundary, bounds, brief introduction, bring, broad lines, broadside, brouillon, build, built, call, cameo, capture, carriage, cartoon, case history, cast of countenance, catalog, cataloging, character, character sketch, characterization, chart, cheek, chop, chronicle, chronicles, chronology, circuit, clarify, coast, coast line, compile, compose, confessions, conformation, conspicuousness, construct, contours, copy, curriculum vitae, deface, define, depict, depiction, derive, describe, description, design, details, diagram, diary, disfigure, dossier, draught, draughtsman, draughty, ebauche, elevation, elucidate, esquisse, essential points, evocation, examination, experiences, express, face, fashion, features, figuration, file, flank, footprint, formation, fortune, fortunes, functional Standard, functional profile, galbe, general rules, general situation, gestalt, graph, graphic account, ground plan, hagiography, hagiology, hand, handedness, haunch, head, hip, historiography, history, house plan, ichnography, illustrate, image, imagery, impression, interpret, itemization, jole, journal, jowl, kisser, kitcat, laterality, lay out, legend, life, life and letters, life story, likeness, limn, limning, line, lineament, lineaments, lineation, lines, lines tournure, list, loin, longitudinal section, look, main features, many-sidedness, martyrology, memoir, memoirs, memorabilia, memorial, memorials, miniature, model, mold, mould, mug, multilaterality, necrology, obituary, parietes, particularization, pattern, photobiography, photograph, physique, picture, picturization, planking, play, plot, portrait, portraiture, portray, portrayal, pose, prestige, profiling, projection, psychogram, psychograph, quarter, recite, record, recount, reflect, relief, rendering, rendition, resume, review, rigmarole, rough, rough out, say, section, shade, shadow, shape, shapes, shore, side, side elevation, side face, side-view, siding, skyline, soil profile, specification, standing, statistics, status, story, study, survey, table, temple, terrain, theory of history, thumbnail sketch, topography, tournure, understand, unilaterality, vignette, visibility, visibleness, vita, vivid description, wing, working drawing, write, write about.

Quotes for Profile:

  1. Every so often you have to increase your profile so you can let it lower again, like a balloon. Robyn Hitchcock.
  2. During the election, I had three male opponents and we went into a runoff. The front runner for the men was a native of Dallas who had run at large before, but I had a higher profile than him from my community service. Eddie Bernice Johnson.
  3. I liked playing Morph in Mash and Peas and doing Phil Daniels in the Blur Rock Profile was a giggle too. Paul Putner.

Idioms of Profile:

  1. low profile
  2. keep a low profile