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What is another word for publish?

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[p_ˈʌ_b_l_ɪ_ʃ], [pˈʌblɪʃ], [pˈʌblɪʃ]

Synonyms for Publish:

publish (verb) Other synonyms and related words:

Quotes for Publish:

  1. If a student takes the whole series of my folklore courses including the graduate seminars, he or she should learn something about fieldwork, something about bibliography, something about how to carry out library research, and something about how to publish that research. Alan Dundes.
  2. In this country you can say aloud or publish just about anything you like. William Greider.
  3. A very wise author once said that a writer writes for himself, and then publishes for money. I write for myself and publish just for the reader. Guillermo Cabrera Infante.

Idioms of Publish:

  1. publish or perish;