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[ɹɪd͡ʒˈɛktɪd], [ɹɪd‍ʒˈɛktɪd], [ɹ_ɪ_dʒ_ˈɛ_k_t_ɪ_d]

Synonyms for Rejected:

disused (adjective)

abandoned, deserted, disused, forsaken, obsolete, refused, relinquished, rusty, unused.

excluded (adjective)

amputated, banished, banned, barred, blackballed, blacklisted, deported, disallowed, disbarred, ejected, evicted, excised, excluded, excommunicated, exiled, expatriated, expelled, extradited, forbidden, ostracized, prohibited, proscribed, relegated, removed, renounced.

prohibited (adjective)

blocked, constrained, controlled, curtailed, disapproved, outlawed, precluded, restrained, restricted, suppressed.

refused (adjective)

declined, disinclined, repulsed.

rejected (adjective)

checked, chopped, cut, deep-sixed, discarded, jettisoned, jilted, junked, scrapped, shed, snipped, trashed.

annulled (verb)

abnegated, abolished, annulled, canceled, deleted, denied, destroyed, disaffirmed, disavowed, disclaimed, dismissed, dissolved, divorced, effaced, eliminated, eradicated, extinguished, invalidated, negated, neutralized, nullified, obliterated, refuted, repudiated, retracted, revoked, undid, undone, vetoed, withdrawn, withdrew.

disagreed (verb)

antagonized, argued, bickered, challenged, clashed, collided, complained, conflicted, contended, defied, demurred, differed, disagreed, disputed, dissented, objected, opposed.

excluded (verb)

boycotted, disqualified, forbade, ignored, ousted.

prohibited (verb)

curbed, inhibited, oppressed, prevented.

refused (verb)


rejected (verb)

belched, clipped, cropped, culled, discharged, disgorged, drained, ejaculated, emitted, erupted, evacuated, excreted, exhausted, exuded, lopped, oppugned, scraped, secreted, seeped, sheared, shedded, sniped, spewed, vented, vomited.

repulsed (verb)

brushed off, cold-shouldered, rebuffed, repelled, snubbed, spurned.

resigned (verb)

abdicated, accepted, ceased, discontinued, resigned, retired, surrendered, terminated, vacated.

secluded (verb)

alienated, cloistered, closeted, confined, cordoned, detached, extirpated, insulated, isolated, screened, secluded, segregated, separated, sequestered.

Other synonyms and related words:

God-forsaken, Indistinguished, Unhandsome, abandonment, abdicate, abjured, abnegation, alone, anathema, annihilated, anonymous, apostasy, averted, avoid, avoided, balked, baulked, belied, cancel, cast aside, cast out, cast-off, castaway, castoff, cheesy, chuck away, chucked, condemned, confounded, confuted, contemned, contradicted, contradiction, contravene, corrected, crossed in love, decimated, declination, decline, declined with thanks, defection, deflated, deflected, demur, denial, deny, derelict, dereliction, desertion, desolate, despised, detested, devastate, disallow, disavowal, disbelieved, discard, discharge, disclaim, disclaimer, discounted, discouraged, discredited, disheveled, disinherited, disliked, dismiss, dismissal, disown, disowned, disproved, disregarded, dissolution, ditched, dowdy, dropped, dumped, emptied, empty, estranged, excepted, exclude, exclusion, exploded, exposed, fended, forlorn, forsake, forsworn, friendless, frowsy, graceless, hated, impugned, in bad odour, inconspicuous, inelegant, inhospitality, insignificant, jibbed, jibed, late, left, left alone, like trash, lonely, lonesome, lorn, loveless, lovelorn, lowered, lying unused, maligned, messy, mussy, nameless, negate, negation, negatived, neglected, not accepted, not chosen, not considered, obscure, obviated, out, out of favour, outcast, outmoded, outside the gates, outside the pale, overruled, overthrown, overturned, passed, persona non grata, protested, punctured, quit, rebuff, recanted, refusal, refuse, reject, rejectaneous, rejected person, rejection, rejectious, relinquish, renounce, renunciation, repel, repudiate, repudiation, resign, resignation, resisted, retract, rumpled, say nay to, scorned, scouted, shabby, shown up, shuffle off, shunned, slam the door, sleazy, sloppy, slough off, slovenly, slumped, solitary, spurn, stranded, styleless, tacky, tardy, tasteless, throw out, trashy, turn down, turned down, unaccepted, unattractive, unbecoming, unbeloved, uncherished, unchic, uncool, undesirable, undesired, unexceptional, unfashionable, unfrequented, unheeded, unimportant, uninhabited, uninvited, unkempt, unknown, unliked, unloved, unmodish, unoccupied, unpeopled, unpopular, unsought after, unstylish, untidy, unvisited, unwanted, unwelcome, unwished-for, upset, vacant, veto, voided, waive, waived, waiver, waned, washed-up, withdraw, withdrawal, withhold, worsened, wrinkled.

Rhymes for Rejected:

  1. objected, injected, uncorrected, directed, suspected, infected, uninfected, respected, neglected, expected, projected, reflected, perfected, dissected, inflected, uncollected, recollected, unconnected, ejected, unsuspected, subjected, selected, unexpected, inspected, elected, undetected, effected, protected, erected, unaffected, unprotected, detected;
  2. connected, deflected, corrected, affected, collected, defected, dejected;
  3. disrespected, disaffected, interjected, intersected, disconnected;
  4. interconnected;

Quotes for Rejected:

  1. The overwhelming majority of theories are rejected because they contain bad explanations, not because they fail experimental tests. David Deutsch.
  2. The more she rejected us the more convinced I was that she was another version of the real Molly, her disdain for authority, her scepticism that she had to do what the white man told her because it was good for her... She is Molly. Phillip Noyce.
  3. What is sacred among one people may be ridiculous in another; and what is despised or rejected by one cultural group, may in a different environment become the cornerstone for a great edifice of strange grandeur and beauty. Hu Shih.