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[ɹɪlˈe͡ɪʃən], [ɹɪlˈe‍ɪʃən], [ɹ_ɪ_l_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n]

Synonyms for Relation:

inclusion (noun)

composition, embodiment, encompassment, enmeshment, entanglement, envelopment, inclusion, incorporation, integration, involvement, marriage, membership, partnership, wedding.

kinship (noun)

ancestor, aunt, blood, brother, brotherhood, clan, consanguinity, cousin, family, father, fatherhood, flesh, fraternity, heredity, kin, kinfolk, kinship, lineage, maternity, mother, motherhood, nephew, niece, paternity, relative, sister, sisterhood, uncle.

relation (noun)

affiliation, analogy, association, connection, correlation, dependency, pertinence.

Other synonyms and related words:

Dialect anenst, Re, US Congress, about, absorption, accord, account, addition, adjunct, admire, admissibility, affable, affairs, affection, affective meaning, affinity, agnation, agreeable, allegory, alliance, allied, ancestry, anecdote, anent, answer to, apfitness, appertain to, applicability, applicable, applicableness, application, apprisal, appropriate, appropriateness, approximation, appurtenant to, apropos, aptitude, aptness, as compared with, as far as, as for, as regards, as relates to, as respects, as to, aspect, associate, associated, associations, balance, balancing, be related, bear upon, bearing, belong to, belonging, belonging to, blood relative, bond, boyish, brothership, by the by, by the way, capacity, carnal knowledge, case in point, causality, character, charge, chemistry, childish, childlike, chronicle, chronicling, circumstantial account, clansman, clanswoman, class of, closely related, closeness, coaptation, cognate, cognation, coherence, coincidence, coition, coitus, collaboration, collation, colleague, coloring, colouring, combination, comfortable, commensurability, commerce, common ancestry, common descent, communication, comparability, comparative anatomy, comparative degree, comparative grammar, comparative judgment, comparative linguistics, comparative literature, comparative method, compare, comparing, comparison, compatibility, compatible, concern, concerned, concerning, condition, confederate, confederation, confession, confidentially, confrontation, confrontment, congenator, congener, congeneric, congenial, congress, conjunction, connect, connect with, connexion, connotation, consequence, consider, consistency, contact, context, contiguity, contrariety, contrast, contrastiveness, control, convey, cooperation, copulating, copulation, correspondence, count, count on, coupling, cousin once removed, cousin twice, cousin-german, cousinhood, cousinship, criminal conversation, cypher, date, daughterly, dealing, dealings, deduction, deem, delineation, delve, denotation, depend, depend on, dependence, dependent, depiction, descendant, describing, description, detailed particular account, detailing, determine, direct, directly, discern, discover, disjunction, distant relation, distinction, distinctiveness, doings, draw a parallel, drift, dutiful, effect, elder, eldest, embarrassment, enation, engagement, ensure, essence, examine, explanation, extension, fable, fame, family member, fellow, fellow-citizen, fellow-clansman, fellow-countryman, fellow-creature, fellow-man, filial, filiation, first cousin, fitness, fitting, folk, force, forecast, front, frontier pass, germaneness, gist, grammatical meaning, graphic account, have a relation, heir, history, homogeneity, homology, honor, hookup, idea, impact, implication, import, in common with, in connection with, in connexion with, in point of, in re, in relation to, in relation with, in respect of, individually, infantile, intension, interaction, interconnection, interdependence, interest, interested, interplay, interpretation, interrelatedness, interrelation, interrelationship, intimacy, intimately, involution, junction, kindred, kinsfolk orand kinfolk, kinsman, kinsperson, kinswoman, kith and kin, legend, lexical meaning, liaison, likeness, likening, link, linkage, links, linkup, literal meaning, look, love affair, lovemaking, match, matching, mating, matrilineage, matriliny, matrisib, matrocliny, meaning, metaphor, minute account, monograph, mutual attraction, narration, narrative, near relation, near to, nearness, next of kin, nexus, noise, not concern, notification, offshoot, offspring, opposing, opposition, overtone, parallelism, parity, part, particular, patrilineage, patriliny, patrisib, patrocliny, personally, perspective, pertain to, pertaining to, pertinencey, pertinent, pith, point, point regarded, portrayal, position, practical consequence, privately, pro re nata, propinquity, proportion, propos of, propriety, proximity, proximity of blood, puerile, purport, quality, quoad hoc, range of meaning, rank, rapport, rate, ratio, real meaning, recap, recapitulation, reciprocity, recital, recitation, reconciliation, record, recording, recountal, recounting, refer to, reference, referent, referring to, regard, regardful, regarding, rehearsal, relate to, related to, relating, relating to, relation back, relations, relationship, relative position, relative to, relatively, relevance, relevancy, relevant, removed, rendition, repetition, report, reportage, representation, resemblance, respect, respectful, respecting, retailing, retelling, revelation, review, role, scion, scope, second cousin, secretly, semantic cluster, semantic field, semblance, sense, sib, sibling, sibship, significance, signification, significatum, signifie, similarity, simile, similitude, singing, sistership, sketch, sortance, span of meaning, specially, spirit, spousal, statement, status, stock, story, structural meaning, substance, suitability, suitableness, sum, sum and substance, symbolic meaning, sympathy, tale, tattle, telling, tenor, term, thoughtful, tie, tie up, tie-in, ties, ties of blood, totality of associations, transferred meaning, trope of comparison, truck, unadorned meaning, undertone, unfolding, union, value, version, weighing, while speaking of, with reference to, with regard to, with relation, with respect to.

Rhymes for Relation:

  1. fabrication, vilification, annotation, democratization, evaporation, destabilization, emancipation, infatuation, disputation, amplification, implication, donation, inauguration, gratification, incarceration, bifurcation, vaporization, disintegration, evacuation, saturation, arbitration, substantiation, procreation, respiration, miscalculation, constipation, disorganization, reexamination, dehumanization, incoordination, communization, magnification, confirmation, privatization, intoxication, declaration, criminalization, indentation, appreciation, equitation, inspiration, irradiation, maturation, permutation, location, rotation, provocation, evocation, delegation, examination, recuperation, discrimination, expectation, limitation, formation, categorization, multiplication, pagination, argumentation, vaccination, jubilation, pacification, culmination, misrepresentation, animation, segmentation, magnetization, generation, dramatization, desalinization, fumigation, confiscation, intimation, simplification, relaxation, oration, repudiation, recantation, correlation, delineation, calibration, reunification, lactation, perforation, colonization, miscreation, exclamation, publication, indication, resuscitation, exaggeration, discontinuation, meditation, orchestration, combination, alteration, desalination, liberalization, resignation, fixation, ventilation, decentralization, inhabitation, socialization, dilatation, dissociation, overpopulation, tabulation, experimentation, exacerbation, elongation, devaluation, designation, notification, self-congratulation, admiration, harmonization, edification, aviation, consideration, affirmation, immunization, instigation, granulation, reallocation, amelioration, emigration, agitation, toleration, corporation, croatian, illumination, deliberation, consecration, figuration, sophistication, dehydration, conversation, predestination, vacillation, corroboration, glorification, differentiation, deformation, reforestation, dissertation, quantification, revelation, unification, conflagration, origination, interrogation, protestation, glaciation, inoculation, demonization, dislocation, compilation, decontamination, malformation, liquidation, consolidation, strangulation, deviation, continuation, gyration, normalization, trepidation, negation, congratulation, vacation, authorization, disembarkation, participation, disorientation, personification, graduation, evaluation, ovulation, divination, conjugation, inflammation, tribulation, litigation, reclamation, calculation, rationalization, remuneration, commendation, misappropriation, approximation, molestation, ornamentation, defamation, classification, installation, coloration, infestation, assassination, detonation, conglomeration, consternation, allocation, visualization, emanation, obfuscation, facilitation, conciliation, fascination, renovation, fertilization, localization, navigation, inactivation, vocation, masturbation, isolation, aspiration, demobilization, affectation, confrontation, imagination, automation, regeneration, coagulation, implantation, sedimentation, deification, emulation, repatriation, appellation, contamination, subordination, occupation, communication, codification, documentation, education, desolation, mummification, equalization, initiation, menstruation, triangulation, insulation, registration, regulation, pasteurization, incarnation, domestication, imputation, reputation, segregation, duration, representation, levitation, gravitation, congregation, legislation, elimination, authentication, sanitation, characterization, perpetuation, urbanization, solicitation, deregulation, renunciation, specification, ovation, confederation, fluctuation, rehabilitation, reorganization, cohabitation, premeditation, lubrication, misapplication, improvisation, certification, fluoridation, implementation, refrigeration, commercialization, habitation, preservation, exploration, incrimination, salvation, mediation, germination, exhortation, usurpation, confabulation, nomination, ossification, transplantation, stipulation, impregnation, distillation, popularization, estimation, demonstration, mutation, medication, pigmentation, summation, decoration, marginalization, adjudication, inclination, inflation, stabilization, rejuvenation, assimilation, exasperation, degradation, legalization, collectivization, relocation, foliation, indemnification, simulation, invitation, ministration, echolocation, suffocation, valuation, gradation, insubordination, invocation, flotation, indignation, intimidation, diversification, illustration, connotation, variation, foundation, innovation, liberation, moderation, electrification, preoccupation, temptation, corp, vibration, incapacitation, demoralization, cremation, impersonation, observation, formulation, enumeration, preparation, orientation, desegregation, reinvigoration, sensation, revitalization, explanation, propagation, polarization, fragmentation, cooperation, quotation, mechanization, expiration, irrigation, agglomeration, duplication, oxidation, machination, eradication, refutation, adaptation, integration, reconsideration, sanctification, anticipation, deportation, consummation, organisation, privation, exhilaration, violation, deforestation, organization, annexation, transformation, denunciation, titillation, punctuation, elaboration, separation, modification, amalgamation, vegetation, incrustation, determination, stalinization, prostration, mitigation, ostentation, transportation, demarcation, utilization, extermination, allegation, starvation, discoloration, flirtation, irritation, aggravation, proclamation, dissipation, dilation, reconciliation, perturbation, ejaculation, amputation, application, annihilation, hospitalization, mobilization, manipulation, ramification, embarkation, specialization, reformation, globalization, alleviation, negotiation, derivation, ionization, affiliation, reaffirmation, investigation, altercation, restoration, overvaluation, intonation, ordination, information, frustration, realization, condemnation, monopolization, dissemination, nationalization, elevation, incubation, clarification, instrumentation, imitation, equivocation, naturalization, association, recommendation, exoneration, identification, oscillation, population, contemplation, disinflation, inhalation, miniaturization, approbation, humiliation, libration, concatenation, recreation, optimization, civilization, vulgarization, destination, modulation, deprivation, disinclination, incorporation, capitulation, expropriation, reiteration, retaliation, purification, augmentation, stimulation, appropriation, manifestation, sedation, falsification, expatriation, victimization, collaboration, fortification, nullification, alienation, motivation, elation, excommunication, pronunciation, condensation, validation, desiccation, complication, speculation, undervaluation, hallucination, hesitation, revocation, generalization, cogitation, denomination, remediation, reservation, palpitation, infiltration, dictation, inundation, reincarnation, hybridization, industrialization, reverberation, escalation, dispensation, decapitation, coronation, retardation, rumination, conservation, consolation, concentration, cancellation, damnation, visitation, sterilization, unionization, desecration, degeneration, precipitation, exhalation, deflation, insinuation, hibernation, procrastination, sequestration, interpretation, importation, depreciation, articulation, exploitation, celebration, perspiration, recitation, depredation, verification, revaluation, profanation, modernization, amortization, taxation, creation, federation, configuration, desperation, stagnation, radiation, deceleration, dedication, constellation, neutralization, pollination, nonproliferation, subsidization, exhumation, situation, westernization, translation, exfoliation, notation, plantation, narration, ratification, compensation, adulation, denationalization, avocation, coordination, dalmatian, consultation, vindication, prognostication, invalidation, gestation, rectification, incantation, convocation, fermentation, commemoration, justification, maximization, devastation, computation, obligation, qualification, excavation, domination, accumulation, excitation, immigration, centralization, termination, operation, cultivation, adoration, reparation, presentation, standardization, replication, misinterpretation, proliferation;
  2. station, ration, nation;
  3. castration, cetacean, causation, alsatian, carnation, cessation, citation;
  4. abrogation, activation, aberration, abdication, accusation, acclimation;
  5. acceleration, abbreviation, accommodation, accreditation, abomination;
  6. capitalization, alphabetization;
  7. demilitarization, decriminalization, americanization;
  8. internationalization;

Quotes for Relation:

  1. The productivity of a work group seems to depend on how the group members see their own goals in relation to the goals of the organization. Ken Blanchard.
  2. In our depths, I think we all feel very small in relation to the greater universe and God. Jessi Colter.
  3. Indeed, this epistemological theory of the relation between theory and experiment differs sharply from the epistemological theory of naive falsificationism. Imre Lakatos.

Idioms of Relation:

  1. a poor relation
  2. in relation to sth;
  3. poor relation