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[ɹɪlˈe͡ɪʃənz], [ɹɪlˈe‍ɪʃənz], [ɹ_ɪ_l_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n_z]

Synonyms for Relations:

kinships (noun)

ancestors, aunts, bloods, brethren, brotherhoods, clans, cousins, families, fathers, fraternities, kinfolk, kinships, lineages, motherhoods, mothers, nephews, nieces, relatives, sisterhoods, sisters, uncles.

relations (noun)

affiliations, analogies, associations, connections, correlations, dependencies.

Other synonyms and related words:

Coitus Interruptus, German, Venery, accord, accounts, act of love, addition, adjunct, adultery, affairs, affiliation, affinities, affinity, agnate, alliance, alliances, ancestry, anecdotes, antecedents, aphrodisia, approximation, aspects, assemblage, association, balling, bearings, bedfellow, belongings, blood, blood relation, blood relative, bond, bonds, business, carnal knowledge, circumstances, clansman, climax, closeness, cognate, cognates, cohabitation, coherence, coition, coitus, collateral, collateral relative, combination, commerce, communication, communion, company, comparisons, concerns, condition, condition of things, conditions, congeners, congress, conjunctions, connectedness, connection, connexions, consanguinean, contact, contacts, contiguity, contrariety, copula, copulation, copulations, coupling, criminal conversation, dealing, dealings, deduction, descriptions, diddling, disjunction, distaff side, distant relation, doings, enate, explanations, extended family, fables, fall, familiarity, family, family members, filiation, flesh, folks, fornication, fuckings, germ cell, goings-on, histories, homology, household, interrelations, intimacy, junction, kin, kindred, kindreds, kinfolks, kinnery, kinsfolk, kinsfolk orand kinfolk, kinship, kinsman, kinsmen, kinswoman, kith, kith and kin, legends, liaison, liaisons, life, link, linkage, linking, links, lovemaking, making it with, march of events, marital relations, marriage act, mating, matters, meat, menage, mutual attraction, mutual dealings, narrations, narratives, near relation, nearness, next of kin, notifications, onanism, ovum, pareunia, partnership, parts, peer, people, posterity, press secretary, proceedings, procreation, propinquity, proportions, proximity, public relations man, rapport, rates, ratios, reciprocities, recitals, reconciliation, references, regards, rehearsals, relatedness, relation, relationship, relationships, relative, reports, respects, run of things, screwing, sib, sibling, sibs, similarity, sleeping together, sleeping with, spear kin, spear side, spindle kin, spindle side, state of affairs, stock, stories, sword side, sympathy, tales, tellings, term, tie, tie-in, times, trade, traffic, transaction, tribesman, truck, union, uterine kin, what happens.

Rhymes for Relations:

  1. stations, nations;
  2. locations, creations, mutations, gyrations, notations, citations, sensations, durations, donations, vocations, temptations, vibrations, translations, frustrations, ovations, dalmatians, quotations, formations, privations, rotations;
  3. designations, congregations, presentations, amputations, illustrations, violations, affirmations, applications, combinations, ministrations, proclamations, complications, inspirations, decorations, exclamations, speculations, appellations, preparations, imitations, condemnations, transformations, graduations, accusations, stipulations, concentrations, litigations, degradations, estimations, deprivations, operations, separations, incarnations, reputations, expirations, desecrations, correlations, conjugations, reservations, altercations, consultations, limitations, corporations, meditations, fluctuations, federations, adaptations, terminations, aberrations, allocations, recitations, revelations, irritations, occupations, destinations, alterations, appalachians, conversations, declarations, obligations, celebrations, compensations, invitations, simulations, implications, restorations, resignations, demonstrations, motivations, circulations, calculations, computations, emanations, oscillations, allegations, inclinations, populations, situations, formulations, explanations, consecrations, delegations, aspirations, observations, publications, expectations, connotations, generations, deviations, duplications, machinations, confrontations, elevations, medications, confirmations, explorations, fabrications, cancellations, valuations, variations, indications;
  4. discolorations, magnifications, representations, manifestations, insinuations, exaggerations, incorporations, examinations, anticipations, denunciations, communications, miscalculations, consolidations, interpretations, organizations, modifications, appropriations, accreditations, mobilizations, expropriations, evaluations, evacuations, associations, negotiations, improvisations, commemorations, determinations, preoccupations, considerations, inaugurations, deliberations, humiliations, interrogations, qualifications, denominations, classifications, congratulations, solicitations, imaginations, accumulations, approximations, justifications, certifications, affiliations, reverberations, configurations, originations, recommendations, pronunciations, investigations, authorizations, accommodations;
  5. misrepresentations, identifications, characterizations;

Quotes for Relations:

  1. It is a melancholy truth that even great men have their poor relations Charles Dickens.
  2. In the relations of a weak Government and a rebellious people there comes a time when every act of the authorities exasperates the masses, and every refusal to act excites their contempt. John Reed.
  3. I'm not doing my philanthropic work, out of any kind of guilt, or any need to create good public relations I'm doing it because I can afford to do it, and I believe in it. George Soros.

Idioms of Relations:

  1. have intimate relations with sm;
  2. have relations with sm;