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[ɹˈʌnɒvðəmˈɪl], [ɹˈʌnɒvðəmˈɪl], [ɹ_ˈʌ_n_ɒ_v_ð_ə_m_ˈɪ_l]

Synonyms for Run-of-the-mill:

average (adjective)

average, common, commonplace, conventional, customary, dominant, everyday, halfway, mean, median, mediocre, medium, mezzo, mid, middle-of-the-road, middling, midmost, moderate, normal, ordinary, predominant, standard, stereotype, stock, usual.

Other synonyms and related words:

Overworked, acceptable, accustomed, adequate, arid, automatic, banal, banausic, basic, bland, boring, bourgeois, characterless, classic, colorless, colourless, common-or-garden variety, conformist, corny, cut-and-dried, dead, drab, dreary, dry, dry-as-dust, dull, ennuyant, established, expected, fair, fair to middling, fairly good, familiar, flat, formulaic, frequent, garden, garden-variety, general, habitual, hack, hackneyed, healthy, ho-hum, homely, homespun, humdrum, in character, in keeping, indifferent, inferior, insipid, intermediate, jejune, lifeless, low-class, mainstream, mechanical, mill, mine run, modest, monotonic, monotonous, moth-eaten, mouldy, mundane, natural, no big deal, no great shakes, non-specialized, non-specific, not bad, not good, nothing extraordinary, nothing special, nothing unusual, ok, okay, old, orthodox, overdone, pale, passable, peasant, pedestrian, perfunctory, plain, plastic, platitudinal, platitudinous, plebeian, poor, predictable, pretty good, prevalent, proletarian, prosaic, proverbial, provincial, quotidian, ready-made, regular, repetitious, rigid, rote, routine, run-of-the-mine, same, second-rate, set, shop-worn, simple, sleep-inducing, so-so, soporific, spiritless, stale, standard-issue, staple, stereotyped, stereotypic, stereotypical, stiff, stony, suburban, tame, tedious, third-rate, threadbare, time-honoured, time-worn, tired, tiresome, tiring, to be expected, tolerable, traditional, trite, two-dimensional, typical, unchanging, undistinguished, uneventful, unexceptional, unexciting, unimaginative, unimpressive, uninspired, uninspiring, uninteresting, universal, unnoteworthy, unoriginal, unpoetic, unpretentious, unrefined, unremarkable, unromantic, unspecialized, unspecific, unspectacular, unstimulating, unvaried, unvarying, vapid, vulgar, warmed-over, wearisome, wearying, well-known, wishy-washy, wonted, workaday.