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[sˈa͡ɪ], [sˈa‍ɪ], [s_ˈaɪ]


lament (verb)

agonize, bemoan, bewail, clamor, cry, decry, grieve, groan, lament, long, moan, mourn, sniffle, snuffle, sob, ululate, wail, weep, whimper, whine.

Rhymes for Sigh:

  1. fly, buy, ply, ai, shy, eye, die, guy, dry, sky, lxi, rye, mei, dye, hi, aye, vie, psi, try, ay, frye, bligh, tai, cry, spy, lie, by, spry, bi, pry, high, wy, thai, thigh, sty, wry, kwai, pi, pie, sly, vi, bye, why, nigh, fry, tie;
  2. deny, bye-bye, rely, goodbye, imply, hi-fi, nearby, hereby, brunei, belie, supply, defy, good-bye, decry, standby, ally, comply, reply, awry, shanghai, retry, descry, untie, apply;
  3. overfly, misapply;
  4. oversupply;

Quotes for Sigh:

  1. When I hear somebody sigh is hard,' I am always tempted to ask, to Sydney J. Harris.
  2. Yesterday I was a dog. Today a dog. Tomorrow probably still be a dog. Sigh so little hope for advancement. Charles M. Schulz.
  3. Visual surprise is natural in Caribbean; comes landscape, and faced beauty, sigh of History dissolves. Derek Walcott.

Idioms of Sigh:

  1. sigh about sth;
  2. sigh for sm;
  3. heave a sigh of relief;