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[sˈɪmpə͡l], [sˈɪmpə‍l], [s_ˈɪ_m_p_əl]

Synonyms for Simple:

facile (adjective)

adroit, deft, dexterous, easy, efficient, effortless, facile, fluent, handy, smooth, uncomplicated.

ignorant (adjective)

brainless, empty-headed, foolish, ignorant, illiterate, mindless, uneducated, uninformed, unintelligent, unlearned.

pure (adjective)

aboriginal, angelic, atomic, austere, bare, basal, basic, blameless, chaste, clean, clear, decent, elemental, elementary, essential, faultless, formative, foundational, fundamental, guiltless, honorable, immaculate, indivisible, innocent, irreducible, monolithic, nascent, plain, primal, primary, prime, pure, purebred, simon-pure, sinless, spotless, stainless, stark, unadorned, unadulterated, unalloyed, unblemished, uncluttered, undefiled, undiluted, unsullied, untainted, untarnished, virtuous, white.

simple (adjective)

artless, bald, candid, childlike, crystalline, direct, refined, spare, terse, unsophisticated.

succinct (adjective)

blunt, casual, folksy, frank, honest, informal, intelligible, ordinary, outspoken, plain-spoken, prosaic, straightforward, unpoetical, unpretentious.

united (adjective)

coherent, cohesive, coincident, complete, congruent, congruous, entire, holistic, homogeneous, intact, integral, integrated, same, single, solid, undivided, unified, uniform, united.

Other synonyms and related words:

common, commonplace, cushy, dumb, easy as falling off a log, easy as pie, empty, everyday, green, guileless, homely, homespun, household, know-nothing, like taking candy from a baby, mere, modest, native, natural, neat, nescient, nothing to it, prosy, severe, sheer, simple as ABC, simple-minded, simpletonian, sober, soft, unaffected, unassuming, uncomprehending, unconstrained, undignified, unembellished, unknowing, unlabored, unpretending, unstudied, unvarnished, workaday, workday.

Rhymes for Simple:

  1. pimple, dimple;

Quotes for Simple:

  1. Anyone who wants simple pat stories should buy another author's product. The real universe ain't that way, and neither are my fictive ones. David Brin.
  2. To recommend that women become identical to men, would be simple reversal, and would defeat the whole point of androgyny, and for that matter, feminism: in both, the whole point is choice. Carolyn Gold Heilbrun.
  3. The rules are simple Take your work, but never yourself, seriously. Pour in the love and whatever skill you have, and it will come out. Chuck Jones.

Idioms of Simple:

  1. pure and simple