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[slˈʌm], [slˈʌm], [s_l_ˈʌ_m]

Synonyms for Slum:

Other synonyms and related words:

Warren, acquire, adobe, aerie, agora, aisle, alley house, apartment, area, armpit, ascent, back street, bankrupt, barrio, beggar, billet, black ghetto, blighted area, block, borough, bowery, brownfield, bungalow, bunkhouse, burbs, burrow, business district, cabbagetown, cabin, cantonment, cave, cavern, cell, central city, chalet, chateau, city, city center, city district, climb, comedown, core, cot, crowded, den, descend, dilapidated, disestablish, district, dive, downtown, dump, edge, fright, ghetto, go slumming, greenbelt, hellhole, heronry, hole, hovel, hut, hutch, indigent, inner city, joint, jungle, lair, locality, log cabin, mangy, midtown, muck, mudbath, neighborhood, outskirts, part, pesthole, pigpen, pigsty, pit, place, plague spot, poor, poverty-stricken, public squalor, quarter, quartern, rear tenement, red-light district, region, residential district, rookery, run-down neighborhood, shabby, shack, shambles, shanty, shanty town, shantytown, shopping center, sink of corruption, skid, skid road, skid row, skid row area, slab, slime, slum area, slum dwelling, slummy, slums, sordid, squalid, stable, stew, sty, suburb, suburbia, suburbs, tenderloin, tenement, tenement district, tenement housing, tenemental, threadbare, tip, unclean, uptown, urban blight, vicinity.

Rhymes for Slum:

  1. gum, chum, hum, glum, mum, bum, scum, drum, crumb, thumb, some, sum, strum, from, numb, come, plumb, dumb, plum, rum;
  2. succumb, become, alum;

Quotes for Slum:

  1. First of all there is always that artistic challenge of creating something. Or the particular experience to take slum life in that period and make something out of it in the form of a book. And then I felt some kind of responsibility to my family. Frank McCourt.