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[stˈɔːha͡ʊs], [stˈɔːha‍ʊs], [s_t_ˈɔː_h_aʊ_s]

Synonyms for Storehouse:

store (noun)

accumulation, archive, armory, arsenal, bank, bin, buttery, cache, cellar, closet, coffer, commissary, corncrib, crib, cupboard, depository, depot, emporium, granary, grocery, hayloft, hoard, larder, library, locker, lumberyard, market, mart, repository, safe, silo, stockpile, storage, store, storeroom, supermarket, treasure, vault, warehouse.

Other synonyms and related words:

abundance, accommodate, accumulate, afford, amass, archives, armoury, attic, barn, basement, bay, bonded warehouse, bookcase, box, breed, building, bunker, bursary, bury, bus garage, cannery, car barn, cargo dock, cash register, cashbox, chemical deposit, chest, coin box, collar storeage, collect, conceal, conservatory, contribute, cornhouse, crate, decorate, deliver, deposit, deposit station, depositary, disguise, dock, drawer, drop crater, dump, engine shed, entrepot, equip, exchequer, fill, fisc, fund, furnish, gallery, garner, gather, glory hole, go down, godown, gold depository, gold mine, goods, grain elevator, harbor, harbour, haymow, heap, hide, hide away, hold, hopper, hovel, hutch, journal, lineage, loft barn, lumber room, magasin, magazine, memory, memory board, menagerie, menagery, mine, money chest, mother lode, museum, offer, outbuilding, penny bank, piggy bank, point deposit, pork barrel, powder magazine, powder store, precious deposits, profusion, promptuary, provide, public crib, public till, public treasury, public trough, rack, railhead, refill, render, renew, repertorium, repertory, replenish, reposition, reservatory, reserve, reservoir, retape, rick, safe-deposit box, safe-deposit vault, sealing smut, shack, shanty, shed, shelf, shop, smother, source, spence, spray coating, spray deposit, stack, stack room, staple, stillroom, stock, stock room, stockroom, storage area, storage place, storage warehouse, store room, storecloset, storehouses, strong room, strongbox, subtreasury, supply, supply base, supply depot, suppress, tank, terminal, terminus, thesaurus, till, train depot, transshipment center, treasure room, treasure-house, treasury, utility room, vat, vein, ware house, warehouses, warehousing, wealth, well-spring, wine cellar.

Quotes for Storehouse:

  1. A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse a party, a company by the way, a counselor, a multitude of counselors. Charles Baudelaire.
  2. The medieval university looked backwards; it professed to be a storehouse of old knowledge. The modern university looks forward, and is a factory of new knowledge. Thomas Huxley.
  3. Your future is still before you. Your land is a vast storehouse of mineral and agricultural wealth awaiting further development for the benefit of mankind. It potentialities are magnificent. Charles E. Wilson.