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[tˈakt], [tˈakt], [t_ˈa_k_t]

Synonyms for Tact:

tact (noun)


Other synonyms and related words:

ability, accommodatingness, acumen, acuteness, address, adeptness, adroitness, agreeableness, airiness, airmanship, allergy, amenity, amiability, anaphylaxis, aplomb, appreciation, appreciation of difference, appreciation of differences, appreciativeness, aptness, artfulness, artifice, artisanship, artistic judgment, artistry, astuteness, attentiveness, awareness, awkwardness, bad taste, ballast, bar, barbarism, behavior, bravura, breeding, brilliance, canniness, capability, capacity, care, carefulness, caution, cautiousness, chivalry, circumspection, civility, cleverness, comity, command, common sense, competence, complaisance, comprehension, concern, conduct, connoisseurship, considerateness, consideration, contrectation, control, coordination, cordiality, courteousness, courtesy, courtliness, craft, craftiness, craftsmanship, critical niceness, criticalness, critique, cultivated taste, cultivation, culture, cunning, daintiness, dainty, decency, decorum, deference, deftness, delicacy, delicatesse, dexterity, dexterousness, dextrousness, diagnosis, differentiation, diorism, diplomacy, diplomat's asset, diplomat's forte, diplomat's gift, diplomatic asset, diplomatic trait, discernment, discourtesy, discreetness, discretion, discriminating taste, discriminatingness, discrimination, discriminativeness, distinction, efficiency, elegance, empathy, estimation, etiquette, expertise, exquisiteness, facility, fastidiousness, feel, feeling, fine feeling, fine palate, fineness, finesse, foresight, fragility, free will, gallantry, gaucherie, gentility, good sense, good taste, goody, grace, gracefulness, graciousness, grip, guile, gust, gusto, handiness, head, heedfulness, helpfulness, horse sense, horsemanship, hyperesthesia, hyperpathia, hypersensitivity, identification, ill-breeding, indulgence, ingeniousness, ingenuity, intelligence, irritability, judgement, judgment, judiciousness, keenness, kickshaw, kid gloves, know-how, knowledge, knowledgeability, leniency, making distinctions, management, manipulation, mannerliness, manners, marksmanship, massage, mastership, mastery, mauvis gout, mindfulness, mother wit, musical time, negotiator's skill, nervousness, nice perception, niceness of distinction, nicety, nuances, obligingness, oversensibility, oversensitiveness, overtenderness, palate, palpability, palpation, passibility, perception, perception of difference, perceptiveness, perceptivity, perspicacity, photophobia, poise, policy, polish, politeness, politesse, politicness, practical ability, prepon polish, presence, presence of mind, prickliness, proficiency, propriety, protocol, prowess, prudence, quickness, readiness, refined discrimination, refined palate, refined taste, refinement, regard, regardfulness, repose, resource, resourcefulness, respect, respectfulness, responsiveness, rhythm, sagacity, savoir-faire, savvy, seamanship, selectiveness, self-help, self-possession, sense, sensibility, sensitiveness, sensitivity, sensitization, sharpness, shrewdness, skill, skillfulness, slightness, smoothness, sobriety, solicitousness, solicitude, sophistication, soreness, sound judgement, statecraft, statesmanship, strategy, style, suaveness, suavity, subtlety, supersensitivity, sympathy, tactfulness, tactility, taction, taste, tastefulness, technical brilliance, technical mastery, technical skill, technique, tenderness, tetchiness, thin skin, thought, thoughtfulness, ticklishness, time, timing, toleration, touch, touchiness, understanding, urbaneness, urbanity, vigilance, virtuosity, vulgarism, vulgarity, wariness, watchfulness, wisdom, wit, wizardry, workmanship, world wisdom.

Rhymes for Tact:

  1. jacked, retract, packed, redact, extract, cracked, pact, enact, subtract, hacked, impact, backed, sacked, react, intact, transact, act, exact, lacked, whacked, diffract, distract, racked, stacked, protract, tract, fact, tracked, tacked, smacked;
  2. attract, detract, attacked, abstract, contract, compact;
  3. reenact, interact, inexact;
  4. counterattacked;

Quotes for Tact:

  1. Tact is the discrimination of differences. It consists in conscious deviations. Theodor Adorno.
  2. Silence and tact may or may not be the same thing. Samuel Butler.
  3. Tact to lie about others as you would have them lie about you. Oliver Herford.