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[tˈɛmpə], [tˈɛmpə], [t_ˈɛ_m_p_ə]

Synonyms for Temper:

hardness (noun)

callousness, firmness, hardness, intractibility, rigidity, solidity, stiffness, toughness.

qualify (verb)

allow, except, limit, mitigate, modify, qualify, reserve, stipulate.

strengthen (verb)

beef up, brace, buttress, empower, energize, enliven, fortify, harden, invigorate, prop, reinforce, strengthen, support, toughen, vivify.

Other synonyms and related words:

Ill Humour, Irish, Paddy, abate, accommodate, accouter, accoy, accrust, acerbity, adapt, adjudge, adjust, adjust to, admit, admix, affect, affections, aggravation, agree, aid, air, allay, alleviate, alloy, aloofness, alter, ambience, ameliorate, anger, angry, animosity, animus, anneal, annoyance, annoying, appearance, appease, apply, approach, aptitude, ardour, arm, aroma, array, ascertain, aspect, assuage, assure, atmosphere, attain majority, attemper, attenuate, attitude, attribute, attune, aura, bad humor, bad temper, bake, balance, bank the fire, barbecue, be tough, bear, become fractured, bent, besprinkle, betrim, bias, biliousness, bind, blend, bloom, blunt, bodily fluid, body fluid, body-build, boisterous, book, bosom, botheration, box in, brace up, brand, braze, break, breathe, brew, bring to maturity, brush up, bump off, burn with fire, calcify, callosity, callous, calm, calmness, cantankerousness, caprice, carry, caseharden, cast, cast of mind, cast of soul, castigate, category, cement, censure severely, chair, change, character, characteristic, characteristics, chasten, chastise, check, check into, check off, check out, check over, check palliate, check up on, checker, cheer, chill, chill out, chisel temper, choler, churlishness, circumscribe, clear, climate, close, color, come of age, come to maturity, command, complexion, compose, composition, composure, comprise, conceal, concord, concur, condition, confine, confirm, congeal, conniption, conniption fit, conquer, constituents, constitution, constrain, contain, contemper, contentiousness, control, cook, cool, cool down, cool out, coolness, cornify, correspond, crack, crasis, crossness, cue, curb, cure, curtail, cushion, cut back, cut back on, cut down, cut down on, damp, dampen, dander, de-emphasize, deaden, declare, decoct, decrease, deem, defend, defuse, defy, delay, demeanour, desire, determine, develop, dharma, diathesis, die temper, dilemma, dilute, diminish, discomfort, discourage, displeasure, disposition, do, downplay, dredge, dress, dress up, drift, drive, dry, dudgeon, dulcify, dull, durity, dye, eagerness, ease, ease up, eccentricity, elaborate, emasculate, enclose, endure, energy, ensure, enterprise, entertain, enthusiasm, entincture, enure, equanimity, equip, esprit de corps, estate, ethos, exasperation, excitability, excitation, extenuate, fancy, feather, feeling, feelings, ferocious, fettle, fiber, fierce temper, fiery temper, find out, fire, firm, fit, fit out, fit up, flavor, flavour, fledge, flower, formidability, forthcoming, fossilize, frame, frame of mind, frame of soul, frantic, frenzied, fretfulness, fume, furbish up, furious, furnish, furor, furore, fury, fussiness, gag, garnish, genius, gentle, get cooler, get milder, get warmer, gibe, gird, give, gloss over, go for, go over, good humor, govern, grain, grim, grouchiness, grow, grow up, guard, habit, habit of mind, habit of soul, habituate, halt, harbor, hardness scale, hatch, have, have got, have rightfully, have within, heart, heat, heat of mind, heat treating, hedge, hedge about, hint, hold, hold back, hold in, hold up, hot blood, hot temper, hot-bloodedness, hotheadedness, hue, huff, huffiness, huffishness, humanize, humor, humors, humour, huskiness, hysterics, idiosyncrasy, ilk, ill humor, ill temper, imbrue, imbue, imminent, impassive, impatience, impending, imperative, imperturbable, impetus, impregnate, impressive difficulty, impulse, inclination, inclination toward, incorporate, indenter, indignant, indignation, individualism, individuality, indurate, infiltrate, inflexibility, infumate, infuse, inhibit, innervation, instil, instill, insure, intention, introduce new conditions, inure, irascibility, irascibleness, ire, irritability, irritable temper, irritation, jibe, karma, keep, keep back, keep in line, keep within bounds, keynote, kidney, kind, knead, lapidify, lay, lead, leaning, learn, leave the nest, leaven, lenify, lessen, lie, lighten, lighten up, line, lineaments, liquid body substance, lithify, look into, lot, love, low boiling point, lower, lucid, lull, maintain, make, make fit, make mild, make reasonable, make up, makeup, man, manipulate, manner, mannerism, mark, mark off, marking, mash, master, maturate, mature, mellow, mental set, mettle, miff, mind, mind-set, minimize, mix, modality, mode, mode of expression, moderate, moderation, modulate, moisten, mold, mollify, monkey, monkey around with, mood, morale, motivation, mould, moulder, mouldy, muffle, mute, muzzle, narrow, nasty, natural disposition, natural property, nature, nerve, normalise, normalize, not excessive, not violent, note, nurse, nurture, objurgate, oblige, obtain, obtund, odor, odour, operate, orientation, ossify, outburst, outlook, outrage, pacify, pack, paddywack, paddywhack, palate, palliate, particularity, pass, pass inspection, passion, patina, pause, peaceful, peculiarity, peevishness, penetrate, pepper, peppiness, permeate, persona, personality, persuasion, pervade, pet, petrify, pettishness, petulance, physique, pickle, piquancy, pique, placate, placid, play down, plight, poise, posture, precipitation hardening, predicament, predilection, predisposition, preference, preside over, prevail, prime, procacity, proclivity, proclivity toward, proneness, propendency, propenseness, propension, propensity, property, propitiate, proportion, protervity, provocation, pugnacity, put in gear, put in harness, put in train, put in trim, put in tune, qualities, quality, quash, quick temper, quiet, quiet down, quieten, quirk, rage, raging, rancor, razor temper, reach manhood, reach twenty-one, reach voting age, redolence, reduce, reduce the temperature, refine, refresh, refurbish, regulate, regulate by, reinvigorate, relax, relieve, relish, remit, render hard, renitence, renitency, repress, resentment, resolution, resolve, restrain, restrengthen, restrict, retain, revamp, rig, ripen, ruggedness, salt, sang-froid, sapidity, sapor, saturate, sauce, saw file temper, scene, screw up, season, sedate, see, see to it, self-control, self-possession, sense, sense of humor, sense of humour, sensitivity, sentiments, serene, set, set conditions, set limits, set properly, set temper, settle down, shade, sharpen one's tools, sheathe, shore up, short temper, shut off, silence, singularity, situation, slacken, slacken up, slant, slow, slow burn, slow down, smell, smelt, smooth, smooth down, smooth over, smoothen, smother, snappishness, snit, sober, sober down, soft pedal, soften, solidify, somatotype, soothe, soothing, soreness, sort, soul, soundness, sourness, spindle temper, spirit, spirits, spite, spleen, spunk, spunkiness, squash, squelch, stability, stamina, stamp, stamp down, starch, state, state of mind, status, staunchness, staying power, steel, steep, stew, stiffen, stifle, still, stir, stop, storm, stoutness, strain, streak, stripe, sturdiness, style, subdue, suchness, suffuse, suggestion, suit, sulk, sulkiness, sullenness, suppress, surliness, susceptibility, suss out, sustain, sweeten, switch, sympathy, system, take, take for, take hold, take the bite out of, take the edge off, take the sting out of, tally, tame, tantrum, tartness, team spirit, tear, temper tantrum, temperament, tempered, tempering, tendency, tendency to anger, tendency toward, tenor, tetchiness, thing, thread, throw, tick off, tide, tiff, tighten up, timbre, tincture, tinge, tizzy, toga virilis, tone, tone down, tone of voice, tool temper, touch, touchiness, toughen up, trace, tranquility, tranquillity, tranquillize, transfuse, transmogrify, treat, trend, trim, trim one's foils, tune, tune down, turn, turn back, turn down, turn of mind, twist, type, undercurrent, undergird, underplay, undertow, urge, urgent, vamp up, vein, venom, verify, vexation, view as, virtue, vitrify, volatility, warm temper, warp, watch, water down, wax, way, weaken, whet the knife, whet the sword, whim, will, will-power, wit, withstand, witticism, wittiness, work, wrath, zeal, zealousness, zest.

Rhymes for Temper:

  1. distemper;

Quotes for Temper:

  1. I have a pretty bad temper But you have to really push me to see it. But everybody has their things. Janet Jackson.
  2. This, and this alone, is Christianity, a universal holiness in every part of life, a heavenly wisdom in all our actions, not conforming to the spirit and temper of the world but turning all worldly enjoyments into means of piety and devotion to God. William Law.
  3. I lost my temper on stage. Michael Richards.

Idioms of Temper:

  1. keep one's temper
  2. lose your temper
  3. fly into a temper/ fury, at fly into a rage;