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[tˈa͡ɪ], [tˈa‍ɪ], [t_ˈaɪ]

Synonyms for Tie:

beam (noun)

I beam, beam, crossbeam, crosstie, girder, joist, lintel, rafter, ridgepole, sill, spar, strut, stud, transom, transverse, truss.

fastener (noun)

agent, anchor, band, belt, binder, binding, bolt, bond, bonding, brace, brad, button, catch, cinch, cincture, clamp, clasp, cleat, clip, closure, connector, cotter, coupling, fastener, fastening, go-between, grapnel, guy, hasp, hawser, hook, knitting, latch, ligament, lock, mediator, medium, middleman, mucilage, nail, pin, rabbet, rivet, seal, skewer, snap, spike, staple, thread, twine, vinculum, vise, zipper.

tie (noun)

draw, standoff.

fasten (verb)

baste, bind, bracket, braid, buckle, cement, chain, clinch, connect, couple, fasten, fuse, glue, hinge, hitch, knit, knot, lace, lash, link, paste, plait, sew, splice, stay, stitch, strap, string, suture, tack, tether, weave, weld, zip.

Other synonyms and related words:

Gyve, Mexican stand-off, Rabat, able, absorb, accent, accent mark, accord, accouple, accumulate, acquire, addition, adhere, adherence, adhesion, adjunct, adjustment, affairs, affection, affiliate, affiliation, affinity, affix, agglomeration, agglutinate, agglutination, aggregate, aggregation, all, allegiance, alliance, ally, amass, amount to, apply, appropriateness, approximation, armory, articulate, articulation, ascertain, assemblage, assemble, assist, associate, association, assurance, astringently, attach, attach to, attache, attachment, attack, attract, attracter, attraction, attractor, badge, badge of office, badges, balance, band ribband, bandage, bandanna, bandeau, bar, batch, baton, batten, batten down, be consistent, be equal, be equivalent, be even, be logical, be neck and neck, be on a par, bear fruit, bearing, become knotted, bedfellow, befriend, belay, bend, bertha, bib, bill of sale, bind together, bind up, bindingly, blazonry, blend, boa, bolo, bona fides, bond of union, bonded, bonne foi, bootlace, border, bother persistently, bound, boundary, bow, bowtie, bracketing, brassard, braze, break even, break square, bridal veil, bride's sash, bridge, bridge over, bridle, bring, bring peace to, bring together, broker, bundle, bury, busy, button up, button-down collar, bye, cabestro, cable, cancel, cap and gown, card, cast, cause, cause to, celluloid collar, cestus, chain of office, chains, challenge, championship, character, check, checkmate, chemistry, choke, choker, circle, clap together, clash, class ring, clerical collar, clip-on, clog, close, closeness, clustering, cockade, coeval, coexistent, cogent, coherence, coil, coincide, collar, collateral, collect, colligate, combination, combine, come out even, come to, come up to, comforter, commit, commitment, communication, compact, company, compare, compel, compete, component, comprise, compulsorily, concatenate, concatenation, concede, concomitant, concourse, concurrence, confine, confines, confirm, confiscate, confluence, congeries, conglobulate, conglomeration, conjoin, conjugate, conjugation, conjunction, connectedness, connecting link, connection, connection orconnexion, connective, connexion, consistency, consolidate, constancy, constipate, constituent, constrain, constraint, contact, contain, contemporary, contest, contiguity, contrariety, control, convergence, coordinate, coordination, copulation, cord, corded, correlate, correlation, correspond, correspondence, corresponding, cover, cramp, cravat, crook, cross, crown, cummerbund, cup, curb, cure, curl, curtail, cushion, custos, data link, dead heat, deadlock, deal with, dealings, debenture, decoration, deduction, delineate, depict, describe, detain, determine, devotedness, devotion, direct, disembowel, disjunction, dissolve, distributor, ditto, do, do up, dog collar, dot, drag, draw a parallel, draw and quarter, draw off, draw play, draw poker, draw together, drawing card, drawn battle, drawn game, drawn match, dress, drive, dupatta, durable, duty, eagle, earn, effectually, elate, element, emblem, emblems, embrace, enchain, encompass, encroach on, endure, enforce, engage, ensign, ensigns, enslave, entanglement, entrammel, entwine, envelop, enwrap, equal, equal ranking, equality, equalization, equalize, equate, equation, equilibration, equivalence, espouse, even, even break, even game, even off, even up, eviscerate, expression mark, fair shake, faith, faithfulness, fall, fasces, fasten down, fealty, feel deeply, fermata, fetch, fetter, fetters, fidelity, figurehead, filiation, fillet, finally, finite, firmness, fit, fit in, fix, fixedly, fleur-de-lis, force, forcedly, forceful, forcible, formal requirement, four-in-hand, free, fur, gag, gage, gain, garland, garter, gather, gathering, gentle, get, get hitched with, get in touch, get married, get out, gird, girdle, girt, girth, give the eye, gnarl, go well, good, good faith, guarantee, guaranty, guide, guimpe, gum, halt, halter, hammer and sickle, hamper, hamstring, handcuff, handcuffs, handkerchief, hard, harness, haul, haulage, have, hearty, heavy rope, help, heraldry, high, hinder, hitch up, hobble, hog-tie, hold, hold fast, hold together, holder, homage, homology, hook up with, hooking, hookup, hopple, hypothecation, identify, identify with, imbibe, impasse, impediment, impel, imperatively, impose on, imposition, impound, imprison, include, indemnity, infix, influential, inkle, insignia, insurance, intense, intercommunication, interconnect, interconnected, interconnection, interdependence, interlace, interlink, interlinking, interlock, intermediary, intermedium, intermingle, interplay, interrelate, intertwine, interweave, intimacy, involvement, isobaric equivalent temperature, jobber, join, join together, joinder, joined, joining, joint, jointure, junction, keep, keep busy, keep pace with, keep up with, kerchief, key signature, kinship, knot together, knotted, knotted score, knotting, label, laced, lacing, lapel pin, lariat, lasso, lasting, lay together, lead, league, leash, legadero, level, liaison, lien, ligature, limit, limitation, limited, line, link up, linkage, linking, linkup, livery, long and slender, loop, looped, lot, love, loyalty, lump together, lusty, mace, make, make a bow, make a hitch, make a knot, make fast, make imperative, make incumbent, make secure, make sense, make sure, man's formal need, manacle, manacles, mandatorily, mantle, mark, marking, markings, marriage, marry, marshal, mass, mat, match, match up with, mate, measure, measure up, measure up to, medal, mediary, meet, meeting, melt, merge, merger, merging, metronomic mark, mingle, mix, mobilize, moor, mortarboard, mortgage, mount, muffle, muffler, mutual attraction, nail down, nearness, necessarily, neck-and-neck race, neckband, neckcloth, neckerchief, neckpiece, necktie, neckwear, neckwear item, network, nexus, no-win situation, node, noose, notation, obligate, obligation, obligatorily, oblige, occupy, office neckwear, old school tie, outfit, outline, oxreim, pack, pair, pairing, parallel, parallelize, partnership, pass, pause, pawn, peaceful, peer, peg, peg down, pertinence, photo finish, picket, piece together, pignoration, pin down, pin on, pinion, pledge, plight, plug in, plunging neckline, possible hockey result, potent, presa, privity, propinquity, proximity, puff, pull, pull back, pull out, pull-in, push, put in irons, put together, quarter, radio link, rag, railroad tie, railway sleeper, range, rapport, reach, readjustment, real security, reap, reconciliation, reference, regalia, regulate, rein, rejoin, relate, relatedness, relation, relations, relationship, relativize, relevance, repulsion, require, resemble, restrain, restrainingly, restraint, restrict, restriction, ribbon, rigging, ring, rival, robust, roll into one, roller, rope, rose, ruff, rumal, run, run abreast, run to, running knot, running rigging, saddle with, same, scarf, school ring, school tie, screw, search for, secure, security, segno, seize, sequester, shackle, shackles, shamrock, shoelace, shoestring, shroud, sigillography, sign, signature, similarity, skull and crossbones, sleeper, sleeper goby, sleeping car, slumberer, slur, snarl, soak up, solder, solid, sop up, span, sphragistics, splicing, square, stable, stack up, stack up with, staff, stake, stalemate, stand, stand-off, standing rigging, standstill, staunchness, steadfastness, steady, steep, sternly, stick, stick to, stick together, stock, stocks and bonds, stole, stop, straitjacket, strapping, stringently, strip, stripe, strong, sturdy, subjoin, surcingle, surety, suspenders, swaddle, swastika, swathe, swell, symbiosis, symbol, sympathy, tack up, tackle, take out, take-in, tallith, tally, tangle, tape, tartan, tat, team, team up, tempo mark, tendon, tense, tension rod, thistle, thong, thongs, tie beam, tie down, tie together, tie up, tie-in, tiebeam, tight-fisted, tighten, timber, time signature, tippet, to bind, toss-up, touch, touch base, trace, traces, train track support, trammel, trammels, troth, trueness, truss up, tucker, turn, twist, tying, unification, uniform, unify, union, unite, use, use force upon, vadium, validly, verge, vie, wagon-lit, wand, warrant, warranty, wed, wedge, whip, wholesaler, wind, wire, with, withdraw, withe, withy, wrap, wrap up, yoke, yoking.

Rhymes for Tie:

  1. fly, buy, ply, ai, shy, eye, die, guy, dry, sigh, lxi, rye, mei, dye, hi, aye, vie, psi, try, ay, frye, bligh, sty, cry, spry, lie, by, sly, bi, pry, high, wy, tai, thai, spy, wry, kwai, pi, pie, sky, vi, bye, why, nigh, fry, thigh;
  2. deny, bye-bye, rely, goodbye, imply, hi-fi, nearby, hereby, brunei, belie, supply, defy, good-bye, decry, standby, ally, comply, reply, awry, shanghai, retry, descry, untie, apply;
  3. overfly, misapply;
  4. oversupply;

Quotes for Tie:

  1. Poets don't draw. They unravel their handwriting and then tie it up again, but differently. Jean Cocteau.
  2. If you tie a man's hands there is nothing moral about his not committing murder. Auberon Herbert.
  3. If I were to agree to write the music for your beautiful poem, it would tie your poem up for some years as I have agreements and obligations which I must respect. Jules Massenet.

Idioms of Tie:

  1. tie down;
  2. tie in a knot;
  3. tie the knot;