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[tjˈuːn], [tjˈuːn], [t_j_ˈuː_n]

Synonyms for Tune:

musical (adjective)

harmonious, melodic, musical, symphonic, syncopated, vocal.

melody (noun)

concert, concord, consonance, ditty, euphony, harmoniousness, melody, motive, song, sweetness, theme, tunefulness.

music (noun)

air, aria, arrangement, ballad, ballet, bebop, blues, carol, chorus, composition, concerto, harmony, hymn, instrumental, jazz, lullaby, lyric, music, psalm, quartet, score, serenade, sonata, symphony, syncopation, vocalization.

compensate (verb)

adjust, balance, cancel, compensate, correct, counteract, counterbalance, neutralize, nullify, offset, set, square.

Other synonyms and related words:

Congruency, Consonancy, Homologate, aberrant, abnormal, abnormous, acclimatize oneself, accommodate, accommodate oneself, accord, accordance, accouter, ad valorem, adapt, adapt oneself, adapt to, adjust to, agate line, agree on, agree with, agreement, aid, aim, air travel, airwave, ajar, align, all of, altered, ancestry, anneal, anomalistic, anomalous, apposite, apt, arbitrary, argumentation, arm, array, article, assembly line, assimilate, assonate, at odds with, at variance with, atmosphere, atone, attend, attend to, attune, attunement, aura, aviation, awry, bad, bank line, bar, barbecue, battered, be alert, be aware, be aware of, be blind to, be harmonious, be in tune, beat, below par, betrim, billet, blend, blood, blood line, bloodline, breed, breeze, brew, brighten, bring to maturity, brush up, bump off, burden, business, business line, cable, cadence, calibrate, calibration, canto, cantus, capacitate, carillon, cavity of body, channel, chant, chart, check, chime, chiming, chord, classical pitch, co-ordinate, codify, communication channel, concentus, concordance, concurrence, condition, conform, conformity, congruence, congruent, congruity, congruous, consort, contentious, contrast, cook, cool down, coordinate, correspondence, corresponding, corrupt, course, cracked, crease, credit line, crinkle, crooked, crude, cut to, decent, defective, deficient, degenerate, demarcation, depth, descant, descent, desirable, deteriorated, determine, diagnose, dial, diapason, dilapidated, disagreeing, discordant, disregard, dissentient, distort, dividing line, doggerel, draft, drama, dress, dress up, due, dulcetness, dutiable, eccentric, egregious, elaborate, eligible, enable, equalise, equalize, equip, essay, exactly, examine, exceptional, exclusive, execute, expenditure, extent, faded, fanfare, faulty, fettle, fit, fit out, fit up, fitting, fix, fledge, form, found wanting, frail, frayed, freshen, full, fully, funny, furbish up, furnish, furrow, garnish, gear to, gentle wind, get cooler, get into shape, get milder, get warmer, good, govern, harmonic, harmonics, harmoniously, harmonise, harmonize, hatch, haughtiness, heavy harmony, heed, height, high pitch, hint, homologize, homophony, idea, ignore, imperfect, imperfectly, improve, in chime, inadequate, incomplete, indefensible, informal, information, infumate, injured, insufficient, integrate, intone, invigorate, irregular, jingle, job, keep the peace, key, key to, lame, lawless, lay, leaky, leitmotif, lilt, limber up, line, line of business, line of credit, line of descent, line of merchandise, line of products, line of reasoning, line of work, lineage, listen, listen to, logical argument, low pitch, lower, magnitude, make fun of, make mild, make plumb, make uniform, man, manage, manner, marescent, matching, matter, maturate, mature, measure, meet halfway, meeting of the minds, meliorate, mellifluence, mellifluousness, mellow, melodia, melodic line, melodic phrase, melodious, melodiously, melodiousness, melodize, mental strain, mercenary, methodize, metre, misplaced, moderate, modify, modulate, money down, monochord, monody, motif, musical composition, musical note, musical quality, musical sound, musicality, musicalize, musically, neighborhood, nervous strain, new philharmonic pitch, nisus, normalize, not perfect, note, notice, number, nurture, occupation, on bad terms, on the decline, on the nail, on the wane, opus, order, organise, organize, origin, out of character, out of joint, out of keeping, out of order, out of place, out of proportion, out of repair, outlay, pack, pains, parentage, passe, pay attention, pay attention to, peccant, peculiar, pedigree, perform, personal credit line, pertinent, philharmonic pitch, philosophical pitch, phone line, piece, piece of music, pipeline, pitch, plan, play, poem, point, precisely, prepare, preset, price, priced, prime, product line, production, production line, proportion, purview, put in gear, put in harness, put in train, put in trim, put in tune, put in working order, qualify, rail line, railway line, range, rapport, rationalize, ready, reconcile, rectify, reduced, refrain, refurbish, register, regularize, regulate, remain at peace, render, render accordant, report, reprise, respectable, rhyme, rhythm, rig, right, ripen, routinize, screw up, seam, season, secondhand, service, set properly, set right, settle, shabby, shade, shaken, sharpen one's tools, short letter, short-handed, show, similar, similarize, sing, sketch, smelt, soften, solo, solo part, soprano part, sound, sound in tune, sound together, spoiling, sprung, stale, standard pitch, standardise, standardize, stock, store, story, strain, straining, stray, stress, string, striving, style, suit, suitable, sum of, sympathy, symphonize, sync, synchronise, synchronism, synchronization, synchronize, systematize, tabid, tacky, tailor, tainted, telephone line, temper, tenor, teratogenic, thematic, threadbare, three-part harmony, tighten up, time, tonal pattern, tonality, tone, tone down, tone up, transmission line, treble, trim one's foils, trim to, true, true up, tune out, tune up, tuneful, tunefully, tuneless, tuning, turn down, tweak, uncomformable, understand, unimproved, unison, unisonance, unity, unjustifiable, unnatural, unpacified, unprepared, unreconciled, unsound, untuneful, vamp up, var, variant, variety, venal, verse, vicinity, vitalize, vocalise, vocalize, voice, wandering, wanton, warble, warped, water down, weak, weather-beaten, weathered, whet the knife, whet the sword, wilted, withering, worn, worn to rags, worse, worse for, wrinkle, zephyr.

Rhymes for Tune:

  1. kuhn, goon, spoon, moon, dune, boone, swoon, boon, hewn, prune, soon, loon, coon, strewn, noon;
  2. harpoon, balloon, immune, festoon, lagoon, attune, pontoon, buffoon, bethune, tycoon, raccoon, saloon, rangoon, cartoon, lampoon, bassoon, monsoon, cardoon, maroon, platoon;
  3. picayune, opportune, afternoon;
  4. inopportune, contrabassoon;

Quotes for Tune:

  1. Our approach to economic development must be modern, focused and in tune with the global trend. Ibrahim Babangida.
  2. Drums usually seem to tune themselves. Levon Helm.
  3. Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us, something is out of tune Carl Jung.

Idioms of Tune:

  1. tune sth in;
  2. to the tune of sth;
  3. There's many a good tune played on an old fiddle;