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unacquainted with

73 synonyms found


[ʌnɐkwˈe͡ɪntɪd wɪð], [ʌnɐkwˈe‍ɪntɪd wɪð], [ʌ_n_ɐ_k_w_ˈeɪ_n_t_ɪ_d w_ɪ_ð]

Synonyms for Unacquainted with:

unacquainted with (noun)

innocent of, unacquainted, unfamiliar, unfamiliar with, uninformed.

Other synonyms and related words:

awkward, blankminded, callow, disaccustomed, dumb, empty, empty-headed, fresh, gauche, green, green as grass, groping, ignorant, ignorant of, immature, inane, inexperienced, inexperienced in, inexperienced with, innocent, know-nothing, naive, nescient, new to, raw, rusty, simple, strange to, tentative, unaccustomed, unaccustomed to, unapprized, uncomprehending, unconversant, unconversant with, undeveloped, unenlightened, unexperienced, unfledged, unhabituated, unhardened, unilluminated, uninformed about, uninitiated, uninitiated in, unintelligent, uninured, unknowing, unmatured, unposted, unpracticed, unpracticed in, unpractised in, unripe, unseasoned, unskilled, unskilled at, unskilled in, unsure, untrained, untried, unused, unused to, unversed, unversed in, unwonted, vacuous, weaned.