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[ʌndɪsklˈə͡ʊzd], [ʌndɪsklˈə‍ʊzd], [ʌ_n_d_ɪ_s_k_l_ˈəʊ_z_d]

Synonyms for Undisclosed:

undisclosed (noun)

covert, unrevealed.

Other synonyms and related words:

able, anonymous, arcane, cabalistic, censored, clandestine, classified, close, closed, concealed, confidential, cryptic, dark, disclosed, dormant, enigmatic, esoteric, exposed, faceless, hermetic, hidden, hush-hush, implicit, incalculable, incognizable, inherent, innate, intuitive, invisible, latent, mysterious, nameless, not expressed, not for publication, not made known, obscure, occult, passive, personal, potential, private, puzzling, rebutted, restricted, sealed, secret, secret partner, secretive, smothered, sneaking, stifled, strange, suppressed, surreptitious, tacit, top-secret, ulterior, unadmitted, unannounced, unapparent, unapprehended, unascertained, unasserted, unavowed, unbeknown, unbreatheable, unbreathed, uncertain, uncharted, unclassified, unconfessed, undeclared, under security, under wraps, underground, underhand, underlying, undescribed, undetected, undisclosable, undiscoverable, undiscovered, undivulgable, undivulged, unexplained, unexplored, unexposed, unexpressed, unfamiliar, unfathomed, unheard, unheard-of, unidentified, unintelligible, uninvestigated, unknowable, unknown, unmasked, unnamed, unnarrated, unofficial, unperceived, unplumbed, unproclaimed, unpublished, unrecounted, unreported, unrevealable, unsaid, unseen, unsolved, unspied, unspoken, unsung, unsuspected, untellable, untold, untouched, untraceable, untraced, untracked, unutterable, unuttered, unvoiced, unwhisperable, unwritten.

Rhymes for Undisclosed:

  1. opposed, posed, supposed, transposed, proposed, nosed, imposed, closed;
  2. disclosed, exposed, deposed, composed, enclosed, disposed;
  3. juxtaposed, unopposed, predisposed, decomposed;
  4. superimposed;

Quotes for Undisclosed:

  1. Lost Illusion is the undisclosed title of every novel. Andre Maurois.