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[ʌnʃˈɑːpənd], [ʌnʃˈɑːpənd], [ʌ_n_ʃ_ˈɑː_p_ə_n_d]

Synonyms for Unsharpened:

blunt (adjective)

blunt, dull, obtuse, pointless, rounded, unpointed.

Other synonyms and related words:

abrupt, bland, bluff, blunt-edged, blunt-ended, blunt-pointed, blunted, bluntish, boring, cloudy, dark, deep, dense, dismal, dreary, dull-edged, dull-pointed, dulled, duller, dullish, dumb, edgeless, faired, glassy, heavy, inactive, inert, not sharpened, slack, slow, sluggish, smoothed, torpid, unedged, unsharp.

Rhymes for Unsharpened:

  1. sharpened;