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[vˈe͡ɪkənt], [vˈe‍ɪkənt], [v_ˈeɪ_k_ə_n_t]

Synonyms for Vacant:

absent (adjective)

absent, abstract, away, departed, elsewhere, empty, gone, lacking, missing, no-show, nonexistent, omitted, out, truant, void, wanting.

nonexistent (adjective)

barren, devoid, meaningless, non-subsistent, null, unexisting, vacuous.

thoughtless (adjective)

blank, brainless, empty-headed, fatuous, illogical, inane, mindless, thoughtless, unoccupied, unreasonable, unthinking, unthoughtful.

unsubstantial (adjective)

apparitional, chimerical, ethereal, illusory, immaterial, impalpable, inessential, insignificance, intangible, nonexistence, phantasmal, spectral, tenuous, unconcrete, unreal, unsubstantial, weightless.

Other synonyms and related words:

Daffy, ESN, God-forsaken, Grey, Weak-minded, abandoned, abolish, about, absent-minded, absentminded, absolutely, abstracted, absurd, accessible, addle, addle-pated, air space, all-day, apparently, arid, around, artificial, asinine, at liberty, attocerebral, austere, available, awkward, babbling, banish, bare, barely, batty, bereft of, bewildered, bird-brained, bland, blankly, blankminded, blankness, blatant, bleached, bleak, bluntly, boneheaded, bonkers, calm, carry, catatonic, characterless, chasm, cleanly, clear, clearly, clumsy, cold, collectible, colourless, completely, conceit, convenience, crazy, cuckoo, daft, daydreaming, dazed, dead, deadpan, deduct, deficient, delete, denuded of, depopulated, depressing, desert, deserted, desolate, desslack, destitute, destitute of, detachedly, devoid of, dim-witted, dippy, directly, disengaged, dislodge, distinctly, diverted, dizzy, doff, dotty, drained, draw, dreaming, dreamy, drear, dreary, dresser, driveling, dry, dull, dumb, ease, eject, eliminate, emptied, emptily, emptiness, empty space, empty-minded, empty-pated, empty-skulled, entirely, eradicate, erase, evacuate, evidently, eviscerated, exceptional, exclude, exhausted, expel, expressionless, extra, fail patch, failed patch, fairly, fallow, feather-brained, featureless, feeble-minded, fishy, fixed, flighty, foolish, forsaken, forthcoming, frankly, free, free time, freely, friendless, frivolous, fully, futile, get, giddy, glassy, glazed, godforsaken, going, goofy, gormless, halfwitted, hare-brained, harsh, holiday, hollow, hollowly, hypnotic, idiotic, idle, idleness, imbecile, imbecilic, impassive, in vain, inactive, inattentive, incogitant, inconsiderate, incurious, indifferent, indifferently, indolent, inexpressive, insignificant, insipid, instantly, intermission, irrational, isolated, jammed, jejune, lackluster, laughable, leisure, lifeless, lifeless soul, light, light-headed, lightly, listless, listlessness, lonely, loony, loosely, lorn, ludicrous, lunatic, lusterless, mad, manifestly, mentally defective, mentally ill, moronic, move, narrow-minded, neglected, nirvanic, no-brain, nominal, nonsensical, not busy, not difficult, not in use, not occupied, not sensible, not significant, null and void, nuts, nutty, oblivious, obtainable, obviously, off, open, open door, openly, operate, optional, otiose, otium cum dignitate, oust, out of, passionless, passive, perfectly, plainly, poker-faced, pokerfaced, positively, preposterous, pull, puzzled, quietistic, rattle-brained, rattlebrained, rattleheaded, ravaged, recess, reduce to extremity, regularly, rejected, relaxation, relaxed, remove, rest, ridiculous, rigid, risible, roundly, scatterbrained, screwy, seasonally, senseless, severe, shallow, sheerly, short of, silly, silly fools, simple, simple-minded, slack, slow, slow-witted, softly, solitary, sottish, spare, spare hours, spare moments, spare time, spent, spiritless, spooky, staring, stark, sterile, stiff, stilted, stolid, straightly, stranded, stripped, subnormal, superficial, tenantless, thick, thoroughly, thoughtfree, time, time to spare, to let, totally, trackless, trancelike, tranquil, unadorned, unanimated, unaware, uncomprehending, unconditionally, uncultivated, undecorated, undone, unemotional, unemployed, unemployed time, unengaged, unexpressive, unfilled, unfrequented, unfurnished, ungainly, unideaed, unideal, uniformly, unimpassioned, unimpeded, uninhabitable, uninhabited, unintellectual, unintelligent, uninterested, uninterestedly, unlived in, unmanned, unnatural, unpeopled, unpopulated, unqualifiedly, unreasoning, unrelieved, unspoken for, unstaffed, unstocked area, untaken, untenanted, untended, unused, unutilized, unvisited, usable, usually, vacancy, vacantly, vacated, vacation, vacuity, vague, vain, vanity, vapid, wacky, waste, white, wild, with nothing inside, withdraw, without content, without contents, witless, wooden.

Quotes for Vacant:

  1. Happy the people whose annals are vacant Thomas Carlyle.
  2. Rodents can come across as being quite vacant in the personality stakes. Julian Clary.
  3. Every time I bestow a vacant office I make a hundred discontented persons and one ingrate. Louis XIV.