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185 synonyms found


[wˈɪst], [wˈɪst], [w_ˈɪ_s_t]

Synonyms for Whist:

game (noun)

Chinese checkers, Parcheesi, baccarat, backgammon, billiards, blackjack, blind man's bluff, bridge, canasta, checkers, chess, contract bridge, cribbage, dominoes, draughts, draw poker, euchre, faro, game, gin, gin rummy, hearts, hopscotch, horseshoes, keno, mah-jongg, marbles, old maid, patience, penny ante, pinochle, poker, quoits, rum, rummy, seven-up, shuffleboard, skat, snooker, solitaire, straight poker, stud poker, tiddlywinks.

Other synonyms and related words:

Boston, Monte, Tut, allay, allfours, appease, banker, be quiet, be silent, be still, beads, beggar-my-neighbor, besique, blind hookey, blind poker, bluff, boaston, boodle, brag, bridge predecessor, bridge whist, calm, calmness, card, card game, card games, cards, cassino, commerce, commit, connections, cool, cross, crucifix, dormant, drole, dumb, dummy whist, easygoing, ecarte, echoless, equable, fright, gentle, host, hush, hush up, hushed, immobility, inactive, inaudibility, inaudible, inert, inobtrusive, lift smoke, long whist, loo, lottery, lotto, lull, mild, mollify, motionless, mousy, muffle, mum, mute, muted, nap, noiseless, noiselessness, not speaking, omber, pacify, pairs, passive, patera, pax, peace, peaceful, peacefulness, picquet, placate, placid, put, put to silence, pyx, quadrille, quiescent, quiet, quieten, quietness, quietude, quinze, reassure, relics, reliquary, restful, reverse, reversis, round game, rubber, salutation, scat, serene, serenity, short whist, shush, shut up, silence, silent, snip-snap-snoren, soothe, soundless, soundlessness, speculation, speechless, squeezers, still, stillness, stilly, subaudible, tacit, thirty-one, three-card monte, toneless, tonelessness, tranquil, tranquillise, tranquillize, tush, twenty-one, unhearable, unpronounced, unruffled, unuttered, unvoiced, vingtun, voiceless, whisht, whisk, wordless.