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What is another word for yack?

59 synonyms found


[j_ˈa_k], [jˈak], [jˈak]

Synonyms for Yack:

yack (noun) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Yack:

  1. smack, rack, mac, black, braque, plaque, sac, flack, slack, pack, tack, yak, snack, clack, quack, jack, whack, shack, hack, wack, stack, flak, pac, sack, knack, mack, crack, track, lack, wrack, unpack, back;
  2. aback, arrack, attack;
  3. dak;

Idioms of Yack:

  1. yack sth up;
  2. yack one's head off;
  3. yack head off;

Adjectives for Yack:

  • evil,
  • private,
  • stiff.