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The word "12th" refers to the ordinal numeral form of the number twelve, which denotes its position in a series. Some synonyms for "12th" include twelfth, 12th in line, 12th place or position, and dozeneth. Additionally, one could use alternative ways to express the number twelve in a series, such as "last but one" or "second from the end." In alternative contexts, "12th" could be replaced by words such as "December" or "duodecimal," which relate to the number twelve in the context of months or number systems. Overall, there are many ways to express the concept of "12th" using different words and expressions.

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The 12th is a number that symbolizes many things, but is most commonly known as the ordinal number for the twelfth month of a year. In many countries, this is the month in which Christmas is celebrated.

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