What is another word for a capella?

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[ ɐ ke͡ɪpˈɛlə], [ ɐ ke‍ɪpˈɛlə], [ ɐ k_eɪ_p_ˈɛ_l_ə]

"A Capella" refers to a style of singing that is unaccompanied by musical instruments. However, there are many synonyms for "A Capella" that reflect the various styles and cultural traditions that utilize unaccompanied vocal music. In the Western Classical tradition, the term "unaccompanied vocal music" is often used to describe a Capella, while in Eastern traditions, terms like "throat-singing" or "overtone-singing" may be used. Additionally, various genres of pop music feature a Capella groups, such as "barbershop quartets," "doo-wop," and "beatboxing." Regardless of the specific synonym used, a Capella music offers an intimate and emotional vocal experience that transcends musical boundaries.

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    A capella is a form of music that uses only the voices of the singers. These songs are usually solo performances and are often monologues or dialogues. A capella singing is often called "pure singing.

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