What is another word for a la carte?

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"A la carte" is a French phrase that refers to ordering individual dishes, rather than having a set meal or menu. Some synonyms for "a la carte" include "customized dining," "create-your-own meal," and "individual order." Other phrases that convey a similar meaning include "order by item," "pick and choose," "à la mode," and "order to your liking." These phrases are often used in restaurants that offer flexibility in meal selection, allowing customers to order dishes based on personal preference and dietary restrictions. Overall, the concept of "a la carte" offers a personalized and tailored dining experience.

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A la carte dining stands apart from traditional seated dining. It gives guests the freedom to customize their dining experience with a Menu of Meals®. In the a la carte setting, guests can order any dish on the menu, without worrying about filling up on unwanted options or running out of food before their meal is complete.

This casual dining option offers guests a greater degree of flexibility and control over their meal. They can also try something new and unexpected, or revisit classics in a new light. Plus, it's a great way to show your personal style and personality.

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