What is another word for abnormally?

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[ ɐbnˈɔːmə͡li], [ ɐbnˈɔːmə‍li], [ ɐ_b_n_ˈɔː_m_əl_i]

Abnormally is a word which signifies something that is outside the usual range. It can be replaced by other synonyms to add color and variety to your writing. Some possible alternatives are unusually, exceptionally, peculiarly, oddly, remarkably, extraordinarily, outlandishly, singularly, irregularly, and anomalously. Each of these words brings a different connotation and meaning to the sentence, so it is best to choose the one that best fits your context. The right synonym can enhance your writing by making it more lively, clear, and engaging, so experiment with these words and see which works best for you.

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    Synonyms for Abnormally:

    How to use "Abnormally" in context?

    Most adults use the words "abnormally" to mean "not in the normal range."for example, I ate an abnormally large dinner last night. Using this definition, most everything is considered "abnormally." including eating disorders and being underweight.

    When adults use the word "abnormally," they usually refer to something that is not within the bounds of what is considered "normal." This definition can be applied to a lot of situations. For example, someone might say that their friend's facial expression looked "abnormally" happy.

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