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Abort refers to the termination of a process or an activity before it reaches its intended conclusion. There are several synonyms for the word abort, including cancel, discontinue, terminate, halt, or interrupt. These words are used to indicate the abrupt cessation of a task, plan, or mission. Cancel refers to the act of calling off an event or an appointment. Discontinue implies that something that was being systematically done ceases to occur. Terminate refers to bringing something to an end, often forcefully or prematurely. Halt indicates stopping a process or progress temporarily, while interrupt describes a disturbance or disruption in the course of an activity.

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How to use "Abort" in context?

Abort means to abort a pregnancy. Abortion may be done for any number of reasons, including to prevent the health or life of the mother, to preserve the life of the fetus, or to avoid causing serious social or emotional complications.

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